Thursday, August 12, 2010

Living Room Update

Though I love that brighter blue, I just don't think I'll be happy with it in the main room of our house.
After fooling around on the Sherwin-Williams site, I think this may be what we go for:
Still blue, but a softer blue. 
Oh, and that's obviously not our living room. It's the "model" most similar (meaning a wall of windows).

Saturday we plan to paint yet again (hopefully for the last time!). 
We're also getting 2 estimates on Saturday for our bathroom.

Here is the SIGH, and not a huge joy of being a homeowner. 
We need to replace our shower walls/surround. The previous owners put up paper thin walls. There is no ventilation in there, and it seems the drywall behind it is getting soft, needing to be replaced. 
This is looking like a bigger job than expected, which means Pat alone may not be able to do it.
With no family in town to help and only one bathroom in our house, hired help may be the key.

But back to the living room. :)

Once the painting is done, I want to add some things. We've always been so gosh-darn frugal, we've never really spent money on decorating. Not that I'm going all crazy now, but some minor things I hope to add:
-a wall clock (similar to this one at Wal-Mart, maybe even this one)
-wall candle holders, like these sconces
-an oval mirror to go between the sconces
-I want to frame our recent family pictures and hang them up. 

It's a lot of little things, but it's about time we make our house more of a "home"! 
Plus it's fun. :) 
I do wish that I had more of a knack for this type of thing. 
It seems to come so naturally for so many I know. 
Share ideas if you have any to pass along. :)


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Hyperactive Lu said...

Can you hit some garage sales? I love your ideas and the new wall color! It really pops with the color of your new couch! I would never have thought about blue walls and a red couch, but its great! Enjoy your decorating! I love to do it...just wish I had MOO LAH to spend!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Ooo, yes, I like the lighter blue! Have fun decorating!!