Wednesday, August 06, 2008


This is my personal blog.
I have had this blog running since 2005.
Over the past (nearly) three years, I have made 944 posts. I have shared many of my life's ups & downs.

Being a personal blog, I have opened myself up, right here in black and white. Not always holding back for the sake of differing opinions, I have shared my thoughts and views on a wide array of topics, such as religion, prayer requests, vaccines, miscarriage, family planning, and other "hot topics".

It is not always easy putting myself out there. I know a few of my readers personally, and I know some of them don't share my beliefs. In fact, some of them may even want to roll their eyes at certain things. Knowing that doesn't exactly make it easy.

I post because this is a hobby of mine. It is my personal space to vent, cry, share. It is a place you, the readers, come to of your own volition. I am not requesting you be here, nor am I forcing you to stay here.
I am not telling my readers that they must adopt my point of view and make it their own.

Any reader to this blog comes here out of their own choice. They stay a certain length of time determined by them. I offer a profile listing basic info about me, as well as interests and category labels. That information is enough to give someone a basic idea on my beliefs, and the things they may read about here.

Very little should be surprising.
If you don't see any similarities in my profile or interests, then chances are my blog may not interest you. Save yourself the time and skip my posts.

If you notice that yet still come to read my posts, and even further it with a comment, keep in mind that you had that information available to you before commenting.

Most of what I write I do not need to apologize for. As best I can, I try to stand true to my beliefs and values. Mine are not the same as every one's, but that does not grant permission for a visitor to start an attack. After all, this is my blog, and I am the only author. I am the person writing, so it will reflect my life, my choices, my beliefs and values.

While I love having visitors to my blog, and I truly enjoy reading comments to my posts, no one is stuck here. Not one person has to come here and read things they do not agree with. No one has to come here and read about something that may bring up a hurtful past.

Let it also be known that I am not writing a term paper or thesis here. I am usually typing with many distractions (usually great ones: my two boys). Distraction leads to typos and grammatical errors. If you are here to proofread, chances are you will find at least one mistake.

Believe it or not, I am not always thinking of my readers when I write my posts.
Yes, I am selfish.
Sometimes I am actually thinking about me and my own family when making a post on my own blog.
I'm not always considering that something I write, you, the reader, may not approve of, agree with, or enjoy.

So this is my disclaimer to you.

I appreciate you coming to visit, I hope you do find something you like, and I also thank you for your comment.
However, if you do not feel at home here, please move on. Move on if what you read upsets you, angers you, hurts you, brings up a daunting past, or sets you off into an insane personality.
Please move on.

Thank you.


Jennifer said...

Well said!! Go see how the picture of Brennan turning his little nose in the air is under this post! LOL!

Andrea said...

Great! I think I need to make a disclaimer myself!! Very well written. =)

Mojavi said...

well put.. i had the same thing during a co-sleeping post i did....

can i copy your disclaimer :)

Crystal said...

well written and good idea! as of yet I havent had any problems on my blog, but havent really written about anything "controversial" and my blog isnt as popular as yours so thats probably why, LOL!

~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

hi Sharon ~
I echo what the others have said here and I would like to repeat what Mojavi has requested: May I copy your disclaimer to my own Blog? What a great idea... ;)

Sharon said...

Thanks, everyone. :)

Anyone who wishes may copy my disclaimer.

I'm glad you found it to be worth copying! lol

~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

hi again! :)
I added a disclaimer to my own two Blogs but I have a question: where did you find that 'disclaimer button' and how can I add it to my page? As it is now, mine are merely posts, but they will eventually fade into the archives and then where will we be? ;) God bless...

The Butterfly Catcher said...

Ditto every bit! I, too, wrote a personal site disclaimer on my blog several months ago. Helps to keep things in perspective in this virtual world.