Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day, 2007

How was your Mother's Day, moms? And for any guy readers-did you spoil your mothers? Wives? :)
I thought my day would be pretty crappy. Brennan had a very bad night Saturday night. B-A-D! We were exhausted.

When he finally went to sleep, it wasn't so bad. (around 1 a.m. or so). He woke up around 6:30, but was nursing well and dozed back off. Then Aidan woke up. Hubby being the great man that he is, he quickly swept Aidan out of the room before he could really wake up me or Brennan. I slept in until 9:00!

I came downstairs, and Aidan wished me a Happy Mother's Day in his sweet, 3 year-old voice. My husband and son had the sweetest card waiting for me. I love cards. This one is a keeper.

I went through the day without cooking, and without changing diapers! I also took a nap with Brennan. While doing so, hubby went out and did major grocery shopping! It was nice.

I usually prefer to not post pictures of myself, because I am never satisfied with them. I realized, however, that I am lacking pictures of me with my boys. So here is one from yesterday, my first Mother's Day as a mom of 2 boys. Aidan, me, and Brennan in the sling.
Hope you all had a great day!


Jennifer said...

Oh My GOSH, Sharon, this picture is fantastic!! You look amazing!! I'll post this one on my blog to make up for the last one!! Sorry about that by the way--it was the only one I had of you with both boys--and I thought you looked good! If it was me, I would have died--I looked like a fat piggy when I had Landon! Sooo, all apologies--Ha ha ha!! E-mail me a copy of this one if you get a chance! :o) (PS--I love the sling--very cute!)

Sharon said...

Thanks, Jen. :)
I still feel HUGE. :( And no worries on the other pic you posted. The hospital gown shows I just gave birth. ;) It was such a sweet post, too. How could I really care?
And I don't think I can recall a time when you ever look big. AT ALL. It's not fair. lol

scmom said...

Great picture. You guys look super!

busybusymomma said...

That is a *beautiful* picture- love the pouch, that's a cute fabric! :o)