Friday, May 18, 2007

Photo Friday: Strange Positions

The Crazy Hip Blog Mamas have started another fun Photo Friday. This time we're sharing strange sleep positions our loved ones seem to be comfortable in!

I wish I had a better picture to offer. There have been many times I've seen much more interesting positions on my son's part, but the camera was not in hand at those times.

This is just one of my favorites:
It seems all babies go through the classic phase of sleeping with their cute little diaper rumps in the air. I think it's so cute! (It also seems to precede the stage where they are all over the bed! Head where the feet should go, covers kicked entirely to the floor, etc)

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busybusymomma said...

Aww, that is SO cute! I love when babies sleep that way. I have a really cute picture of ds half on the toddler bed and half on the floor. Good thing he didn't try that when he was sleeping in our bed! LOL