Friday, May 25, 2007


Remember when TGIF represented the cool shows that came on on Friday nights? Like Full House? Boy Meets World? Awww, the good ol' days. (I'm still glad that Corey and Topanga got married, btw! lol)

I am so glad it's Friday. It's been hard to post this week. My two boys are sure keeping me busy! How has your week been? For me it was somewhat uneventful, especially after being sick last week with a bladder infection. (seriously...what is with my body?!)

OK, for entertainment:
I was so happy that Apollo and Julianne won Dancing with the Stars! I would've been just as happy with Joey and Kim. I'm not quite sure what, but something about Lailia aggravated me.

I was thrilled that Jordin won American Idol! Blake is awesome, too, but talent-wise, I think Jordin really deserved it. Besides, it'll probably be better for Blake to not get stuck in an AI contract where he has less say in the type of music put out for the 1st album. Both will do well no matter what.

Anyone watch LOST? It seems they're finally getting creative and good again. I was really impressed with the flashbacks that were actually showing the future. Pretty cool. I look forward to next season now.

Since this is under entertainment...does anyone have plans for the long weekend?

Now for personal:
Brennan turned 5 weeks old yesterday! He continues to love the wrap. It's a lifesaver. For you baby wearers out there-do you babies nap in their cribs/beds? Or do they nap while you wear them? I'm still getting the hang of this lifestyle.

Aidan has been doing so well wearing big boy underwear all week! A few accidents, but nothing major. He is even to the point where we don't need to ask him to go, he just stops playing and runs to the bathroom! He is so proud of himself. He's requesting to not sleep in a diaper. We've been diaper-free for nap for a while, but nighttime seems different. We may try it tonight since he is so interested.

I was happy to go back to a Weight Watchers meeting. Weight does not come off easily for me, and that really gets me down. I hate feeling like I am in someone else's body. When I look in the mirror and see the big stretch-marked person reflecting back, I feel like asking "who are you?!"
I've been successful with Weight Watchers before, so I have faith in it now. The difference this time is that I am following the points for nursing. Wow! 12 extra points a day for nursing mothers. It seems like so many! I am having some trouble actually eating all my points. (hard to believe, I know!)

Hubby has off Monday and I am so happy for the long weekend. It's been kind of a lonely week. I feel a little stir-crazy with the kids lately. I feel bad for Aidan, because he's been watching too much TV. Brennan has been nursing so much, that we have to stop playing outside to come in to nurse, etc. I know it won't be like this forever, but it feels long now.

(speaking of Weight Watchers, if you have a good low-fat recipe in mind, please share it with me!)

This weekend we're cleaning house-major cleaning. We've been invited to a cookout with friends in Michigan. Not sure yet if we're going or not. I really want to make a trip to Whole Foods Market soon. Plus there is a cool store near the Whole Foods-it's a natural baby store w/ tons of different baby carriers! I am intrigued. My wallet isn't ready for that store, but I am! ;)

OK, Brennan is asleep in the wrap now so I am going to take Aidan outside.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Kim said...

Hi Sharon!

You asked about napping in the wrap or in bed. I actually do both, but mostly I lay her down in bed with Jack while he naps, too, or by herself so Jack and I can have some alone time (depending on which nap..morning or afternoon). But now that she's crawling and spending so much time out of the sling, I'm finding that she really benefits from a nap in the sling to kind of reconnect. She just seems happier and calmer afterwards, so I'm doing that more often these days. When she was Brennan's age, I'd lay her down in bed once she fell asleep but then make sure I responded to her immediately once she woke up and then I'd put her back in the sling as I went about my day...or simply hold her in my arms. I found that I needed a rest from carrying her and naptime seemed like the perfect opportunity! It also gave me the chance to get some things done or to give Jack some undivided attention, without feeling like I wasn't meeting Sophie's need to be held close.

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Hi Sharon! I'm VickiMom2Christopher on CMOMC, but I found your blog through A Catholic Life! Love your blog!

I started wearing 'Ittyboy' (as he's known around here)this past week but I do try and put him down in bed once he falls asleep. My back and c-section incision need the break! Plus it gives me a chance for some much-needed time with 'Bittyman' (Christopher).

Stacey said...

MAN I loved TGIF back in the day. I still watch Boy Meets World and Step by Step.

Ah, holding on to youth.