Saturday, May 19, 2007

Urgent Prayers, Please!

Please pray for a woman named Kathy.
Kathy is a part of the same Catholic Moms group I belong to.
I've only met her once in person, but we are on the group's boards daily.
She is a wonderful woman who really needs prayers.

She walked down to her local mini-mart and apparently collapsed. She was air-flighted to a bigger hospital and is in the ICU. The latest I heard is that she may have lost too much oxygen. She is in a coma. It was not a stroke, they said, but most likely something with her heart.

Kathy is not very old. I think at most she's in her late 30's-early 40's tops. She has a few children and a husband. It makes me so very sad that she is going through this.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY! She would do the same for you in a minute.
Please let's pray for Kathy.


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh!! I'm praying for Kathy and her family, and I posted the request to my moms group , too! Give me an update as soon as you hear anything!!

Barb, sfo said...

I will add my prayers for Kathy and bring her intention to Mass with me today.

Angie said...

Prayers for Kathy & her family!

Seminarian Matthew said...

Prayers for Kathy