Friday, June 22, 2007

Back in the Day...80's? 90's?

TGIF! The week hasn't dragged on, but I am sure glad it's Friday. Here I am now with some coffee , Aidan is eating his breakfast and Brennan is happy in the swing. I wanted to sneak away and blog.

As I was traveling down memory lane this week, I remembered something that was once "COOL". Maybe you even owned one. Maybe you have a picture of you wearing one.

I'm talking about Hypercolor T-Shirts! Do you remember those?

I never had one, but wanted one. I remember being at the mall once and seeing it at Spencer's, in their window. I was with my mom, though, and there was no way we were going in that store. She said it was a dirty store with bad things, and I never went in there with her.

I wanted one in 6th grade. A boy I had a crush on wore one to school on a dress down day (we wore uniforms), and since I had a crush on him, the shirt became instantly cool in my mind. (Oh, those puberty years!) His was pinkish in color, though. lol. Hmmmm.

Anyone remember these? Ever wear one? Did you think it was cool? Better yet, do you still have it?


Stacey said...

Duuuuude, I SO had one of those. I was in 6th grade, so I guess it was 1991? I saved up all my allowance to buy that sucker too. Then... well, I dried it, and it broke. Those things were so awesome!

Sharon said...

Then... well, I dried it, and it broke.
Yea, I remember people saying that. (although it dind't seem to stop some from wearing it; they looked pretty odd! lol)
I guess it's no wonder they didn't last long. But they WERE cool.

Sharon said...
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Jennifer said...

Don't you think it's time you revealed the identity of this alleged "crush" Mrs. Bruen? DO TELL!! Pink shirt...must be Hilley (Only kidding--I've just been teasing him every chance I get lately!) I was just in the "bad" store to get gag gifts for my step-dad the other day--ha ha ha!

Sharon said...

Jen-You guessed it! It was Ryan. (should I giggle or sigh? lol)

John Jansen said...

Like Stacey, I too had one in 1991 (when I was in 8th grade). It was green and changed to a sort-of yellow.

That is, until about the third time it was washed, when it "broke". I also remember that the elastic in neck got stretched out way too easily.

I think I lost interest in Hypercolor shirts about the same time I gained interest in Girbaud jeans.

Jen said...

Like, I totally had a Hypercolor Tee. Like, if you were anyone, you totally had to like have one of these. Loved the like, trip down memory lane. Thanks a bunch.