Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Kid Rocks!

Every mom gets her time to brag, right? ;)
I can't help but boast on my big boy, Aidan.

I can just tell how much he's grown up lately! While I feel slightly saddened at how quickly it happens, I'm also so incredibly proud of him.

We've been working on potty-training very gradually with him for the past year. Like a switch, he suddenly switched from going every now and then. to being FULLY potty trained. He hasn't had an accident in a while, and most important of all, he is now very comfortable with going "poo-poo potty". (Hey, you parents out there know what I'm talking about! It's a big step for the wee-ones!) Now he goes, by himself, every time. He wakes up from nap dry, and most mornings as well. He gets his own seat when he has to go #2. He so proudly wears his big-boy underwear. I'm just amazed at his progress.

He's also amazed me at how much room he has in his heart for his baby brother. Any time Brennan fusses, Aidan goes to him and sings to him. Gently, softly, he tries to comfort him and soothe him. Even better, he offers to nurse him for me! LOL. Isn't that sweet? (You know, he shows me his belly-button and tells me he'll feed him! Ha!) Aidan patiently listens to Brennan when he screams, and just tried to comfort him. loving him up. Why did I ever worry that Aidan would resent him? It seems like nonsense now. Thank Gos for Aidan's heart of gold.

Aidan has also been quite the helper. He sets the table for dinner, and always helps me cook. He loves to dust, too! I know this won't last forever, but I'm enjoying it while I can. You can just see him absorbing it all and learning.

And he prays. We're teaching him, of course. He prays on his own, though. Grace before meals...if someone is sick he pray for them. I'm a lucky mom to have him as my kid.

I know I'm bragging. I just can't help it. He has a heart of gold and is so sweet. He still has tantrums, of course, but he's three. What three year old doesn't? It's just that lately I can see a change in him. He's growing up. Wow. Growing little boy.

My kid rocks.


Marcia said...

Aaaawww - your boy is so sweet. Both of them are but well done to Aidan for the potty!!!

scmom said...

You should brag -- that's a big step. And they always seem so grown up next to the new baby -- because they are so grown up! Good job, mom!

Jennifer said...

Another post to make me cry!!! Thank God for Blogger--I can just check in every day and feel like I'm in Ohio with my favorite people! Aidan is amazing! He seems to grow even faster when you don't see him every day...Oooh I can't wait to see him!

toddler said...

You have every right to brag, Aiden sounds like a great boy. My son is nearly three and I have to potty train him, he is more than ready but for some reason I am not! I have to get over this as I want him to start pre-school in the Fall. Any tips? what book did you read if any?