Friday, June 15, 2007

Photo Tag: Babywearing

Happy Jack's Mommy has started a photo tag for our Friday.

She wants us to share our favorite babywearing photo! Now I have to say, I barely have any babywearing pics yet, as I'm only 8 weeks into it. ;) I hope to get more, and I'll try to get one today of the type I like best, my wrap.
(I share this pic because I am actually in it! I'm wearing Brennan in my Hotsling here)

Until then, I want to join in on the tag and share what I do have. After all, it's not the carrier that makes it, but the baby inside, right? ;)
(Here I am wearing Brennan in my wrap, which we both love!)

I'm only experienced with my Hotsling and Wrap so far, and out of those two, I prefer the wrap. So does Brennan. And my dh. (he wears him as much as I do!)

How did I get hooked? Well, my biggest influence was my first baby being a colicky one. If I had worn him, I think things would've been much better. On top of that, having a 3 year old around with a newborn made me realize I had to have some way to keep the baby safe, despite good intentions of his big brother. ;) From various sites and reading (like Mothering Magazine), I was drawn to babywearing.

Out of all the blogs I read, I happily say that Stephanie has been my biggest influence. She always posts so positively about babywearing, and it's left a great impression! Not to mention I learn so many things on the subject from her blog.

Brennan isn't fully able to hold his head up yet, so I have yet to try different wearing positions. I look forward to wearing him facing out. Hopefully he'll like it!

That's it for me. Happy Babywearing, and Happy Friday!


Stacey said...

I've been using this to run Ace in somewhere if I don't feel like getting the stroller out. I like it, in theory, but it straight up KILLS my shoulder. Yeah, it says it can hold babies up to 35 pounds, but DANG. I feel like I'm not wearing it right. Can you recommend anything else?

Sharon said...

Oh I've seen those!
Honestly, everyone I know w/ a M oby wrap seems to love them and think they're super comfy. They can used in many different positions, too. I've seen even 3 year olds in them.

Another thing would be the Mei Tei. I don't have one, but again, I've heard REALLY good things about them. However, they're nearly $100. The wrap you can usually get for $40ish.

That's a complaint I have about the hotsling, too. Wearing it the way it should be places the baby on one area, and it stresses that area w/ too much weight. Some of the other carriers balance it out more, and that's what I find to be true w/ the wrap.

Steph has great advice on this stuff. I linked to her blog in the post. I'd do it here, but I don't know how to link in comments! lol Search her site, too. She shows a ton of different carriers w/ benefits of each one.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I'm impressed that you are doing so well this early on!!! I love your slings! Good choices!


Whitney said...

Great pictures! I love my moby wrap too! It's great... It makes like so much easier. I didn't get started with babywearing seriously until my lil punk was about 6 months. I wish I would have started earlier. Thanks so much for participating in my photo tag! Look for another soon!

Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas said...

I wish I'd tried a Moby when mine were smaller. Way to go figuring wrapping out so quickly. As the babe gets older you may like the sling more. I LOVE my Hotslings.

Tracey said...

I am a sling girl, but I can see how it might hurt your shoulder or back after a while.

Kim said...

I'm loving my wrap, too...especially now that Sophie is bigger (and heavier!), it distributes her weight so much more evenly and makes wearing her so much more enjoyable. I love the picture of Brennan's little head sticking out of the cute :)

Stacey said...

Um, because I'm kinda stupid, I just put the pad UNDER the strap to cushion the strap's contact with my shoulder and it feels much better now. Indeed, I wasn't wearing it right...