Saturday, June 30, 2007

Your All-Time Favorites

A friend did this one, so I thought "why not". It's been a while, anyway. Why don't you play along?

Y 0 u R_a L L_ T i M e_F A v 0 R i T e
[S0NG]:Hips Don't Lie
[TV SHOW]:The Office
[M0ViE]:Return to Me or Spanglish or Shag or....
[SP0RT]:Baseball, I guess
[B00K]:Stand Back, Said the Elephant, I'm Going to Sneeze!
[F00D]:chocolate or spaghetti
[SNACK]:right now, Kashi oatmeal dark chocolate cookies
[DRiNK]:Coke, but I don't drink it any more!
[CART00N]:The Jetsons
[WEB SiTE]:too many to list! I love many blogs, natural parenting sites, and recipes.
[ARTiST]:don't have one
[CAR]:Audi convertible, not that I have one. I'd also love a Jag X-type.
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