Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Banning the Bottle

For once, I'm not referring to breastfeeding or baby bottle-feeding. ;)
I'm referring to several cities banning bottled water; San Francisco and Salt Lake City, among them.

Do you think this should be legal?

Well intentioned, "going green"...good things, yes. But forbidding your residents to drink bottled water, or even use plastic grocery bags? (OK, I 100% agree w/ the plastic grocery bags. I don't agree at all, though, with banning drinking water!)

What about the cities whose water isn't as clean? What about the tap water that is overloaded with chemicals or has a funky taste?

I'm guessing it's obvious I am a bottled water person. I've tried tap several different times. Living in South Carolina, it was terrible. SO much chlorine. Yuck! In Ohio it's not as bad, but each time I drink tap water, it reminds me of the days as a kid when you'd sip off the garden hose. NOT a good taste, in my opinion. Metallic and pipe-ish. Kind of makes me gag.

So what are you supposed to do?

I'm fine with people trying new ways to improve the world and save the earth and all. But I am not fine with cities banning bottled water. How is that OK, when people complain about their rights being taken away or advantage of in so many more serious matters?

I'm slightly perplexed here, folks.

*Surprise findings writing this post:
The Tap Water Bottled Water Test (maybe I'll try this one as a start)
Biota: A Better Bottled Water (I'll have to look for this)


Jennifer said...

Before I follow your links, I have to say something: "Hi, My name is Jenny.....and...umm....I'm a bottled-water-a-holic." Ahhh!! Yessss!! I feel like a new person--So free! Soooo freeeeeeee! Sorry. Had to. I have been drinking almost nothing but bottled water since Landon was born. I buy the big Deer Park gallon jugs for the most part, so maybe that's a little less plastic used?? Not sure on that one--This one's going to take some thought and research---I always see warnings in the news about this state's tap water or that state's tap water being dangerous or contaminated. It scares me to think about inadvertently poisoning my baby (or putting unwanted chemicals into him) just to give him a glass of water. Paranoid? Ummm, usually. I'm a better to be safe than sorry kind of girl--not so much a devil-may-care adventurer--LOL. I'll keep my bottled water for now, thank you very much! (High five, Sharon! Bad to the bone!)

PB said...

"Our water in San Francisco comes from the Hetch Hetchy [reservoir] and is some of the most pristine water on the planet."

Plenty of large cities like NYC or DC could use the same argument for banning cars: Our Public Transportation in New York City is some of the most reliable and efficient public transportation on the planet.

Where does it end? If you can't tell I am against the government telling me whether or not I can buy bottled water.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for freedom and choice, and I'll share a few thoughts for your consideration:

-when and why did you start using bottled water? Were you conscious of marketing? Do you know the amount of money companies make from bottled water?

-if you are concerned about your water quality, have you had it tested? Most municipalities will test your water for free.

-are you aware that the chemicals that come from the plastic bottles have the potential to cause you and your little ones far greater harm than the minerals from the tap?

-did you know that if you let tap water sit for a few minutes prior to drinking it, most of the smells/tastes evaporate?

Let's just bring full awareness to each of our actions, including the long term impact for ourselves and future generations.

scmom said...

How about forcing people to use disgusting, moldy water fountains? And will it be illegal for food joints to sell a glass of water? What craziness!