Monday, August 06, 2007

Fall Fever

I've got fall fever.

I know it's normally "spring fever", but I have fall fever. How about you? Do you find yourself itching for fall?

Besides cooler weather (I'm so ready to say goodbye to this humidity and 90+ temps!), I have fall fever for several reasons.

Everything gets back on a routine/schedule with fall. Back to school, back to normal for all of us! Summer gets too spastic. And I'll admit it, even though it sounds bratty-I'm ready for the bigger kids to go back to school! I like the parks and playgrounds being less crowded during the fall, as well as the library! Stores, too.

There's also the return of the regular shows on TV. Now that may sound pathetic and couch-potato-ish, but really, it's not. I like the down time of a good show after the boys are asleep. Hubby and I enjoy watching them together. Summer programs don't offer that much. (Except for The Closer-like that one!)

What do you watch?
I'm most excited about The Office! Best show. ;) Also added in our dvr is What About Brian, Heroes (hubby), Law & Order SVU (me), Dancing with the Stars, Earl (hubby)...anything else? Hmmm....I'm drawing blanks. Anything new look good starting this fall?

I'm ready for fall activities, too. Being outside without sweltering heat will be nice. Every fall we also go to the apple orchard. I can't wait! I may even attempt to make my first apple pie this year (MAYBE). Aidan would love to help me with that. ;)

I've already been thinking about Halloween costumes. Early, but not too early. Aidan has been talking about being a dinosaur this year. Brennan will most likely be a pumpkin, but we'll see.

I'm super excited to do fall clothes shopping for the boys! Brennan doesn't need that much since we have Aidan's clothes from that size. But Aidan needs stuff. New jeans, church clothes, shoes, and more. I look forward to it!

Oh! And for the 1st time Aidan will be doing Sunday school this year! It's the first year he is old enough. He's also going to go to "library school", aka story time. However, at this age, I know no longer have to be in the room with him. I have to be in the library, but he can go to the story room alone. AND they do a craft project, too!

Wanna know what else? There's a chance Aidan will take a boys tap class this fall! We got info on it yesterday. He loves to dance, and, tell me, what little kid wouldn't love shoes that make noise?! I'm just beaming at the thought of him in a tap class. Hot diggity dog!

So that explains my fall fever. Come on fall & get here!


tegdirb92 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. regarding the pots and is having a gold box deal on their anodized cookware--a set for 79.99--woo hoo. I want to use these as my daily users. My others are really worn out :)

Take care,

tegdirb92 said...

I definitely have fall fever!! I am actually going to post about this later today!! But I live in the desert so it never gets too cold :(

Diva Mom Vicki said...

I was in Starbucks today, daydreaming about Gingerbread Lattes and Peppermint Mochas.

I'm also tired of summer TV, crazy routines and elementary age kids in the McDonalds and mall playareas.

And don't even get me started on the temperatures here in the Southwest.

C'mon, September!

Kim said...

I am SO with you on this one! Fall is my favorite season...and I'm so done with the hot weather...can't wait for the crisp fall air! Can't wait to go apple picking and pumpkin picking, and feel the crunchy leaves under my feet.

Jennifer said...

Gosh, do IIIII have fall fever? YES I DO! It's all I've been talking about for weeks! We took a miserable trip to the sweltering beach and came home to 115 degree weather (hello global warming!!) I hate it! And when it's "cool" enough to play outside, the school age kids always want Landon to run around with them--I can't wait for apple picking and Halloween costumes, hayrides and pumpkins! (Check out costumes at One Step Ahead by the way--Cute!)

Amy said...

Fall has always been my favorite season-- I love the crisp air and the colors!