Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cold Meds Not for Kids

FDA Officials: Cold Meds Not for Kids

A difficult temptation, especially when we only want to soothe our little ones and help them rest (without gagging on phlegm).


Kim said...

That's just scary...and makes me realize that natural really is the best way to go with our kids!! I just attended a talk with a naturopathic family doctor who talked about optimizing children's immune systems (this is the season for it!!). He spoke quite a bit on homeopathic remedies, singing the praises of Oscillococcinum...take 3-5 pellets (for a child or adult) at the first signs of cold or flu and it knocks it out within hours! If you don't catch it right away, it won't work. But it's also completely safe with absolutely no side effects. He also mentioned that it can be taken as a supplement during cold and flu season (3-5 pellets, once a week) to prevent illness. I am SO stocking up on that! Just a note in case you get some too....the package will tell you to take the whole thing, but 3-5 pellets are all you need, and I think you may have to repeat the dose a few times during that first day. Not totally sure..but really worth checking out...especially in light of that article!!

ps...I may be doing a post soon about what I learned from the ND!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the tips, Kim.
And PLEASE do a post sharing with us!!!! :) I wish I could've gone. I'd love to read your review of the talk. (as it's right up my alley, too)

I will be trying to get some Oscillococcinum this week. That's the one w/ the commercial of the baby pronouncing it correctly, but not the parents, right?

Andrea said...

Exactly why I don't like to give my children things. =) Thanks for the post. Do you have the book Smart Medicine for the Health of your Child? It's great.