Friday, September 07, 2007

*Cringe* ....."Kids who are a little too attached."

As much as I support & even encourage breastfeeding, this makes me cringe.

I know there are health benefits and all, but this girl is going on EIGHT. EIGHT!

Am I just warped to think this is ridiculous?

Maybe it's not. Maybe it's as wonderful as the mother says in the clip. Maybe I'm speaking from the societal view.

Or maybe that is a bit strange and too old...


Stacey said...


No seriously... just... what.

Whatever. As long as none of her children's friends or classmates or future spouses EVER SEES THIS VIDEO, they're golden.

Andrea said...

This is seriously disturbing. I totally support breastfeeding, but until your EIGHT! I don't know, maybe I'm warped, thinking too societal as well, but that just doesn't seem right.

Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha ha! Ryan Hilley and I always used to e-mail funny You Tube videos to each other and I sent this one day just to shock him (as well as one of a natural childbirth)--He watched both all the way through, waiting for the punchline that never came. I was pretty proud of myself--On a serious note, I cringed when I saw it, too (Rich, I know, coming from moi--the marathon breastfeeder!). I hope and pray that cringing doesn't come back to bite me in the butt somehow! I never make fun of people anymore since I used to and now I'm breastfeeding a 2 yr. old (woah, MAMA! Didn't see that one coming, believe me!), but I'll repeat everyone else and say, "EIGHT??!!" Wow. "I'd rather have breastmilk than 1,000 melons!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Amy said...

Eight? No, sorry, I'm probably not being politically correct, but I think EIGHT is way too old to be breastfeeding. I think that child could have some social and emotional issues down the road from this. If the same child was still drinking from a bottle, people would be coming down hard and fast on the mother for the child not developing "proper" skills.

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

I agree is that eight is more than long enough to be breastfeeding. She should have had three more kids to breastfeed by now.