Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It needs to be a rainy day

Know what I'd love to do today? SLEEP! Offer to watch my kids so I can nap, and I will not turn you down. ;)

Last night was a rough night with Brennan. He had a bit of gas, but most of all, he's cutting a tooth and it'd driving him insane. Poor little guy. I feel bad for him. He's generally a good sleeper, but not last night. :(

I'm exhausted because since July 14th, we've been going nonstop each weekend. Thank God we can slow down now. I need to slow down.

This past weekend we spent 4 days in Michigan because a great friend of ours got married. My husband was in the wedding. We went up Thursday for his bachelor party, Friday was the rehearsal, Saturday the wedding, and Sunday we were there at my in-laws so my husband could change our brakes. Of course we got home and there were no groceries in the house, so we had to run errands. I always find that exhausting, too.

It'd be perfect if today was a calm, rainy day. Instead it's going to be 90 with icky humidity, and sunny. I like the sunshine, but today a rainy day would be most appropriate. Then I'd cuddle inside with Aidan and watch movies when Brennan naps. Without the rain, I feel guilty not getting outside as much.

A rainy day would match my energy level today.

Ahh...it's sunny, though.
Off I go to drink some coffee.


Amy said...

Hot and 90 here today, too... yuck! Sounds like you've been busy.

I just stopped by to let you know that the ranch chicken and potatoes is finally in my crockpot today... LOL! (I'm sure you were quite concerned, right? ha ha) :) I'm using a whole packet of ranch instead of half to give it a little more flavor. We'll see how it comes out!

Crystal said...

Yeah its stinky weather today, hot, hot, hot!! I wish it was at least cooler out if not rainy, cause then it wouldnt be so stuffy upstairs, the window a/c isnt cutting it up there.

Kim said...

Oh I SO agree...rainy days are awesome for vegging and recharging your batteries! I live for rainy days :)

It's funny, we went to my in-laws this weekend to change my brakes, too! Joe and my FIL do the work themselves...saves so much money. Just thought it was funny we had the same chore this past weekend :)

I'll send rainy day thoughts your way!

Jennifer said...

Forget rain, woman--just pray for it to be cooler--I just want to be able to go in public again and not roast--I want to not be eaten alive by 4 billion mosquitoes the moment I walk out of the front door. I want sweaters and colorful leaves and pumpkins! This is the first year I have really wanted the summer to be over! Let's compromise. I'll send you some rain and you send me some 70 degree weather, deal?