Monday, October 01, 2007

Menu Plan Monday--October 1, 2007

I am so happy it's October. It's one of my favorite months. ;) Officially fall, and finally fall weather. Makes me smile.

With fall and cooler weather, we're including more soups and stews in our menu. Gotta love that crockpot!
Monday: Breakfast for Dinner (scrambled eggs, potatoes, toast & fruit)
Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken Vegetable Chowder, bread rolls on the side
Vegetable Stir-fry over Brown Rice
Thursday: Cheesy Chicken Cups , sliced apples on the side
Friday: Vegetable Stew, bread rolls

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Mommy Chef said...

yummy menu.Have a great week.

Kerri said...

the cheesy chicken cups look yummy!

Amy said...

Chicken Chowder sounds good... I may have to put that on my plan for next week! :)

Fall is my favorite, too!

Greg said...

I really like the cheesy chicken cups. They've been one of my favorites since starting WW. They're also so easy to make.

tegdirb92 said...

what a delicious meal plan you chose this week. YUM

Sandra said...

Great looking menu, everything looks yummy!!!

Happy MPM!


Sandi said...

What a lucky family. Your menu sounds wonderful!

Kathryn said...

Your menu sounds great. It's till too hot here for soups & stews but I hopefully in the next month or so.

Nicole said...

great menu! i've bookmarked the cheesy chicken cups. thanks for posting!

Org Junkie said...

I just love breakfast for dinner!! My smiley guy looks so cute there :)