Monday, September 10, 2007

NOT America's Favorite Neighbor

The neighborhood Bar & Grill hasn't been so neighborly.

If companies want to market for families to come & eat at their restaurants, provide children's menus, etc, then they better stop bugging mothers to STOP feeding their babies.

Applebee’s Cooking Up Breastfeeding Trouble

Sheesh. GET OVER IT, people.

And NO, keeping blankets on hand for nursing mothers is not a solution. Letting them nurse discretely without being badgered is the solution.


Stacey said...

It's amazing that we have a billion dollar porn industry, but people get freaked out seeing boobs do what they're supposed to do...

Jennifer said...

Tell them to eat a meal with a blanket over their head in the middle of the summer and see how much they enjoy the experiences. People can be such morons!

(Everyone would rather a baby drink cow's milk....well, what do they think cow's milk is? It's BREASTMILK!!!)

Stacey said...

Jennifer -

I have a feeling people would be equally offended at the sight of a cow in a restaurant with a few infants hanging off its udders.

Now there's your Tuesday morning visual :)

Ter said...

In this day and age, really, is breastfeeding the absolute worse thing you could see? I think not.