Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Queen Crab

Call me QUEEN CRAB.*

I'm irritable.
In a bad mood.
Not enjoying much about my life today.
Not following Weight Watchers the last 2 days, which always makes me more annoyed.
Yelling at Aidan.
Losing patience.
Missing people.
Careless attitude.

You get the picture. They say we all have days like this. Is that true? It seems most other people are enjoying life. Good for them. I'm over here being a crab.

Call me Queen Crab.

*(and no, not a womanly cycle thing at all!)


Samantha said...

Hi. Just found your site today and the first post is how grouchy you are feeling. Yikes! Well, cheer up.. because we are all like that sometimes.
Thanks for the wonderful blog! Hope you have a blessed day despite the frustrations!

Kim said...

Yes we all have those days and they SUCK! And it always seems like no one else ever goes through it but you...especially when your in the midst of it all! I hope you're feeling less crabby soon!!!

Jennifer said...

Ugh! I hate when I feel like that!! I'll e-mail you some stuff tonight to try and cheer you up! Call me if you need to--I'm here for ya! :o)

Crystal said...

It must be going around, I've been in a crabby, bad mood for the last 2 days, and I should be enjoying these few days with Jason! I hope you are feeling better soon, and about WW, I'm not following very good either, I managed to gain back 2 lbs since Friday!!!! GRRRRR.

Andrea said...

Hey, I think we are all entitled to these sort of days once in awhile!