Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sanity: Gained :)

It's amazing the difference an hour alone can do!

My wonderful husband came home from work and could (obviously) tell that I was in major need of a break. Between Brennan's fussiness from teething, his lack of sleep, and then Aidan's whining and 3yo tantrums, I had had it today. I was beyond impatient and frustrated. TOTALLY FLABBERGASTED. (I love that word-flabbergasted...hee hee.)
So we ate dinner, cleaned house, got Aidan to bed, nursed Brennan, and then I was off.

I don't know about you other moms, but I always feel weird going out without the kids. Slightly guilty at the time alone, but more naked-feeling, like I've forgotten something.

That quickly subsided, though. Like a dork joining the cool kids, I hopped into my mini-van and smiled broadly as I turned up he radio and headed to Starbucks. (I checked Beaner's first, but no one was in there. I didn't want to be the only customer!)

I first picked up a magazine from Books-A-Million. Then I walked down to Starbucks and ordered myself a nonfat mocha with peppermint added in. It was good. I sat there drinking my coffee, listening to the fun music, and flipping through Us Weekly magazine.

I was completely by myself. Alone. No kids! No whining, I wasn't being spit-up on, diaper duty wasn't calling, and I was enjoying every single minute of it. This momma was recharging her batteries!

I can honestly say there's not much I've been missing in the paparazzi world. I do like Katie Holmes haircut-thinking of something similar for myself (I was before I saw her pic, but that sums it up of what I have in mind). Who knew that Owen Wilson went mental?! Reese Witherspoon might be dating, and I was pleased to see Nicole Richie larger and pregnant. That girl needed to put on some weight!

After skimming my trash magazine, I went a few stores down to Gymboree. I'm not a regular shopper there, but they have great sales. Enjoying myself some more, I bought Brennan an outfit. :) Cute striped froggy pants for $2, a matching white onesie shirt with a frog on it for $3, and a pair of non-skid socks (a monkey on them!) for a buck. That's better than Wal-Mart prices, folks!

I am refreshed. It was only an hour, but it felt like 3 days. I left an irritable, tired, frustrated mommy & wife, and I returned a relaxed, refreshed, energized woman. With 2 sleeping kids. :) One hour away was truly priceless.
Next time some of you other blogging mommas ought to join me. ;)

Oh! In closing, I'll share my Starbucks cup "The Way I See It" with you. Always entertaining.
You can learn a lot more from listening than you can from talking.
Find someone with whom you don't agree in the slightest and ask them to
explain themselves at length. Then take a seat, shut your mouth, and don't
argue back. It's physically impossible to listen with your mouth open.
-John More, Radio host and author of Conservatize Me.


In Light of the Truth... said...

I had one of those days this week too! I absolutely can't tolerate whining, and after a straight hour+ of it with Eli, while trying to cook and doing everything else, I was definitely about to snap! Actually, I think I did snap. So I'm very glad you got your much-needed break!! We all need that sometimes! Have a great weekend!

Andrea said...

I had this exact day YESTERDAY! I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, run away. I love my children but when your two year old brings his completely fully dirty diaper to you and there is poop on the floor and covering his butt and legs, you know you've had it. ;) Anyway.. my hubby and I went out last night, it was amazing (first time in A LONG TIME). We took Amelia, but I felt naked without Landen. I truly know how you feel when you leave without the babes. Loved, loved, loved your post!

Kim said...

I am SO jealous! It sounds like you had a FA-bulous time...good for you! And what a nice hubby to give you that break!

Jennifer said...

Ahhhhhhhh....HEAVEN!! I love those moments "off"--even if I'm just upstairs in my room. I wish Andy was more like Pat in the area of knowing his Baby-Mama needs some downtime. You're right, it is PRICELESS. And doesn't a hot beverage calm your nerves as fast as a glass of wine? It does for me! I'm so glad you got a break--You deserve it! Give Pat a hug for me!

Amy said...

Good for you! It sounds so nice- especially that coffee! Sometimes a few minutes to just be yourself rather than "mommy" makes all the difference in the world.