Thursday, October 11, 2007

13 Reasons I Love Thursdays

I've not done a Thursday Thirteen in a while, so here it is, for something fun today:

1. The Office is on!

2. Last day before the weekend

3. We have our mom-n-tot rosary group

4. Our newspaper lists all the weekend activities

5. Grey's Anatomy is on

6. Thursdays are usually a fun-dinner day, with meat

7. The "Thursday" feel...excitement for the weekend

8. I finalize my meals for the following week

9. I make my grocery list

10. Hubby's last day of needing a dress shirt (for three days). Thank God for casual Friday!

11. Pretty good blogosphere stuff. I love checking out some Throwback Thursdays.

12. At least this Thursday, it's a perfect fall day.

13. Did I mention The Office is on?!


Rims said...

:D thats was cool...I specially like the #10 one...

Happy TT!

jenn said...

I love Steve Carell!He's so funny!
Happy TT!

April Elizabeth said...

greys is the best part of thursday!

Stacey said...

Woop woop! Grey's Anatomy!!!

Bloggers said...

I love The Office!!

My 13 is up on working at home mom.

Greg said...

I LOVE reasons 1 and 13!!!

Does it get any better than Office Thursdays?!?!

I think not.

Andrea said...

I am so all about #10 and to add to dress shirts.. dress pants!
lol.. I hate doing that laundry.

sheryl said...

Great TT idea and fun read :)

Wakela Runen said...

Great list!

Nicholas said...

I like the Office, though I prefer the original, but I've never got into Greys Anatomy. ER is my Thursday medical show.