Thursday, October 18, 2007

13 Things I Learned this Week

1. Christmas is just 2 months away. Time to get shopping! And I need an advent wreath...2. I don't like black, gross bugs crawling over my son's bed. Especially ones that squeeze out orange when you hit them with a shoe. In fact, I despise them!

3. I prefer Swiss International French Vanilla Cream to Coffee Mate.

4. I like pizza way too much. I gave into that craving
again. :(5. Once Upon a Child is an awesome store! I got my baby's costume there for $3!
6. Gas costs way too much. It's flat out $2.89 here right

7. I like Barnes & Noble better than Books-A-Million & Bor
ders. 8. I have the cutest boys. Seriously.9. I don't miss living in Michigan that much. At all.

10. I miss my family & friends from South Carolina more each day. (a-hem, Jen and Sue!)

11. Organizing your children's toys truly makes more t
oys to play with. When the pieces are all together, they can actually play with that toy! Shock!

12. Pumpkin spice muffins are great this time of year. YUM. 13. Big Lots-great place for storage containers and puzzles. Cheap. :)
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Prudence said...

"black, gross bugs crawling over my son's bed. Especially ones that squeeze out orange..."

--- Those are eeeewww, yucky stuff. Haha. Yeah I agree. I'd hate those too.

Happy T13!

jenn said...

Where in SC? That's where I am.
Happy TT!

Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

Great TT! I am not a fan of bugs either- especially the creme-filled kind. LOL

Veronica Arch said...

Ew on the creepy bug. I hope I never run across anything like that. *shivers*

Happy TT

Cecily R said...

Isn't that whole organizing your kids' toys amazing?! My kids think it's Christmas when we do it!

Fun list!

Leeann said...

Okay, I love that pic of your boys. Both adorable, but the little guy in the hat...super cute with the hat! :)

J at said...

Those bugs sound truly yucky.

I'll drive to whereever you are to get gas that's over $3 a gallon here...

My husband and daughter LOVE pumpkin muffins, so I'm going to go check out that recipe now. :)

julia said...

I sort of miss living in Michigan... Ann Arbor, anyway. Family is a good thing, and great cities are hard to come by. However, now that the weather is turning cold, I wonder why I didn't move further south! Illinois is just not making sense to me right now.

Happy TT and thanks for the visit!

No Nonsense Girl said...

I love your TT! I'm with you on the advent wreth, i need one too.

christmas is 2 months away!!! OMG!!!

Happy TT!!!

tommiea said...

the bug thing sounded gross..we made Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins this yummy!

thanks for visiting my TT.
happy thursday

Stacey said...

You know Big Lots is my favorite place in the world.

Oooh, I wonder if I can do all my Christmas shopping at Big Lots. That would be AWESOME. "Sure, mom, the toothpaste is expired, but it still works. And I got it for a buck twenty-five at Big Lots! It's the thought that counts!"

Andrea said...

Your boys are cute, Big Lots is cool! I also need and Advent wreath.. I hate these centipede bugs, and Christmas is coming up WAY TO FAST!

Buck Naked Politics said...

Yes, gas is high -- and it'll likely go up again, given that oil's barrel price just went to $90. Happy TT.