Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Haleigh!!

Haleigh-Bailey. Elsie. Lucy. Bug. Buggy. Nine year old.Happy Birthday to you.It goes without saying that I love you like my own. You are such a blessing to everyone in your life. It's such an honor to be your godmother, and on top of it, you're a wonderful niece and cousin. And I know you make a great big sister, too!

It's hard to believe you're already nine. I remember like it was yesterday-
I was home Halloween weekend, my first year of college. Your mom was fully pregnant, expecting your arrival at any time. I had such high hopes of you being born while I was there. I just couldn't wait to meet you!

You came in your own time, of course. ;) I missed the call because I was in class. I believe it was a Tuesday. I walked back to my dorm, got out of the elevator, and as I approached my room door, there was a BIG sign reading "It's a Girl! Haleigh Elizabeth, 6 pounds...(something ounces, lol)! Congrats, Aunt Sharon!" I was thrilled.

I first met you that Thanksgiving. You were so little and beautiful. Some things never change, huh? :)(Kindergarten-you brought Aidan in for your show & tell!)

I've truly enjoyed watching you grow up. Baptism, Birthday parties, Halloween (one of my favorite memories-when you were Snow White!), Holidays, you as
flower-girl in my wedding, coming to visit us in many good times with you, Haleigh.I hope you know-though there are many miles between us physically, you are always close to our hearts. I am so proud of you. You're becoming such an incredible young lady. You are truly a blessing. I love you so very much.We all miss you & just can't wait to see you next month! Happy Ninth Birthday, Miss Bug!


Greg said...

Happy Birthday Haleigh!!!!!!

Sue said...

awww, i just read this, it is so sweet!