Friday, November 30, 2007

I've Done Some Shopping :)

And it's been fun. I love buying presents for people!
We're almost finished buying for Aidan, and today we nearly finished off Brennan. I'm so excited for Brennan's present-I think it's a pretty neat toy. ;) We got him this Taggies Grabby Elephant:I never noticed these when Aidan was a baby. (were they even around yet?) I think Brennan will love it.

As for Aidan's gifts...this kid is going to be so happy. We got him this zebra-shaped tent a few weeks back. It's one from Santa. ;) We plan to have it open in the living room, with the other Santa gifts under it when he comes down the stairs. I'm so excited.

We also got the boys matching shirts from Old Navy; Aidan loves it when they match. And then for Aidan we got Memory, some Matchbox cars, a Lightning McQueen wallet (thank you, Target dollar bin!), Cars tattoos (again, thanks to Target!), another car thingy, an ornament (from Brennan), big floor puzzle...and something else. I can't recall now...

We've found some great deals, though. Seriously. The game Memory--yeah, we bought it for $3.99 on sale! The matching shirts-also on sale the day after Thanksgiving. Bargain hunting pays off...literally!

I also had a blast looking for gifts for our godchild, Landon. I'd tell ya what I got him, but since his mom reads my blog, I'll wait. I hope he likes them, though!

I'm excited, too, about what I know family has picked out for the boys. Not that the gifts are what matters for Christmas..I know Jesus is the reason for season. (did that sound as cheesy to you when you read it?!) But who doesn't love presents? I know the boys are getting a wagon from their Grandma & Grandpa in Michigan. They're also getting a Hotwheels case, arts & crafts stuff, clothes...Aidan is getting a Curious George book on CD, Lightning McQueen sheets for his big-boy bed, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Lincoln Logs, and maybe a few other small things. (from various family members)

See what I mean? He is one lucky kid. They are two lucky boys.

But heck, they've been pretty good so far, so I'd expect Santa to deliver. ;)

How is your shopping coming along?


Jennifer said...

Landon always loved the Taggies stuff--We have a taggies blanket that someone monogrammed for him and he used to love playing with a Taggies ball, too! I can't wait for you to post pictures from Christmas morning--I want to see Aidan's face when he sees the stash!

Andrea said...

Thanks for posting about what you guys got. It gives me good idea's. I just went Christmas shopping yesterday, planning on putting a post up - whenever I get time. =)

Amy said...

WTG! Santa has done well for your household! :)

I'm nearly done, although DH and I have one day set aside to shop together for a few more things for the kids. For extended family & friends, though, I just have a few more small things to pick up.

My DS sleeps with a small square taggie blanket, and has recently started carrying it with him out of bed, too. I got it for him a few months ago after he started going to sleep rubbing a blanket between his fingers... I thought he'd like the taggie, and I was right. :)