Monday, January 28, 2008


On this date, a great child of the 80's was born.
Southerner at heart with great yankee-speaking ability;
Wonderful friend, (and that's an understatement!)
Great wife. Amazing mother.

Happy Birthday to one of my longest, very best friends!
So glad you were born, Jennifer!

Head on over to her blog & flood her with birthday wishes. The girl is 28 years young today!P.S. I wanted to share some really old embarrassing photos, but this is the best I could do without going into storage (meaning 10 degree weather!). I promise to upload embarrassing shots when warmer weather comes, but for now, here is an oldie but goodie! I believe this was New Year's Eve, 1998, almost 1999! ;)

Another P.S.-if I could give you any present, it'd be him --> with a big bow attached. Remember? :)


Jennifer said...

CHRISTOPHER PETITE!! No Waaaayyyy! Ah ha ha ha ha ha! "Mem-ories! In the corner of my mind, Misty water colored mee-eeemmmm-ories!" WOW! Thank you so much for this post!! It made me smile from ear to ear (and tear up, too, of course!) I love the pic and I want a copy of it soooo bad! You are awesome and I love you! (Tell me when you're digging into the old pics to post and I'll do the same!! THAT would be quite an interesting day for all of our mutual friends!!!)

PS) We should write to our old pen pal to see what he's up to (oh, and cover the envelope with plenty of perfume and kisses!)

PPS) Since I'm southern with yankee speaking abilities, does that mean I should be saying, "ya'll guys"? Please say no

PPPS) Koneecheewah.

Andrea said...

Ha ha ha!!!