Thursday, January 31, 2008

Polly Tod: Cracking Me Up

I first heard about this online retailer over at Andrea's blog. I checked it out, and oh my goodness, I've had a blast! Seriously. Go here and see for yourself. You'll crack up. Some of these shirts are just so hilarious!
Like this one from the Cute Baby Clothes section: UPDOG! Ha! Any Office fans out there should laugh at it, too. I'm thinking of choosing this one for Brennan.
And then there is this one I'm thinking of getting for a certain godson of ours.
Or this for's so fitting for him right now:Of course, lately this one is very fitting for Brennan, as well:How can I decide on just one?! I need to "adjust" our budget to do some shopping! :)

If you're a blogger, you can snatch a free shirt of your choice by making a blog post linking to them. Check it out. You'll have a blast!


Greg said...

What's Updog??

Andrea said...

What's updogg? LOL!!!!!

Reminds me of my old boyfriend.. who my hubby callls The real slim shady. HA Ha AH!

Sharon said...

Loving it. I chose this one for my gift-shirt. I am psyched.