Saturday, February 16, 2008

Exhausting Week

It went something like this:

Last Saturday we were in Michigan at a play-pizza place for my nephew's b-day party.
Sunday stayed and visited with in-laws.

Sunday night: driving home, 4 degrees outside, 9:45 PM--> Aidan pukes in the car. All over himself, car seat, everything. Several times.
Aidan continues getting sick most of the night, including painful dry heaves. Poor guy.

Around 1:00 AM (technically Monday morning), Brennan starts throwing up. Scary. He's never been sick before. Aidan's dry-heaving with Pat next to him, I'm holding Brennan as he pukes, and you can tell he's terrified. He starts dry-heaving. He continues to wake every 20-30 minutes the rest of the night.

Monday: Aidan rests all day. No more throwing up, thank God, but he doesn't eat, either. Brennan continues to throw up, needing to be held all day. Pat & I are beyond exhausted from being up all night (literally), and feel sickish, ourselves, from the exhaustion.

Tuesday: Aidan seems better! Yay! He slept all night without getting sick.
Brennan, however, did throw up once. Still woke up a ton.

Wednesday: Both boys are seeming better. Light at the end of the tunnel? Hope so! Brennan is still not sleeping very well, but we try to feed him solids. He seems to hold it down!

Thursday: Roughly 5:00 AM, Pat starts throwing up. Violently. He continues all day until around 4:00 PM. Then he sleeps until 4 the next morning, missing 2 days of work.

Friday: Pat is better but not 100%, and I'm now feeling fatigued and sick. Thankfully I don't throw up, but I am so without energy, Pat basically takes on the boys for the day.

Today: We all seem better! Of course there is one exception: Aidan seems like he has pinkeye. Wonderful. This is a first for us. He's at the doctor right now. I'll know soon. (apparently pinkeye can be a side effect of a virus, which I never knew. How about you?)

Did I mention it's been an exhausting week?!


momwats8 said...

That is so awful! I am so sorry - hope fully you will all be better very soon. Remember to try and take care of yourself (trust me I know it is hard)

Crystal said...

Aw, I hope you are all healthy now! try and get some sleep, if you can, LOL.

Andrea said...

I feel so sorry for you guys. I hate puking and it sounds like it hit you guys really hard. I hear it's going around our area... and what do I do.. without thinking? Take the kids to the playland for some out of the house fun.. big mistake. No puking here (thankg goodness) but runny snotty noses.. oh and SNORING.. I hate snoring.

Did Aidan end up having pink eye? That's no fun! Get some rest.. wish I could help you out. *hugs*

Kim said...

Oh man! I have felt your pain! That sounds exactly like what we went through back at Christmas time, and it was AWFUL. I'm glad to hear you didn't get sick...sounds like you lucked out the same way I did! I hope you're all feeling better now!