Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is It

This will be the template until March 18th or so.
I'm a huge fan of the Irish and Ireland, so it's very fitting.
After St. Patrick's Day I'll go back to the floral one or something.

Oh, and a heads up to Mediocre-Girl...I'm working on a small surprise for you. ;)


Andrea said...

I like it, but what about all your links, etc? That is why I didn't go to one of these templates.

Sharon said...

I saved my original template, so I just need to add in the links from that old template. It's not much work; I just need more time! lol

I agree, though. It IS a pain to have to change templates and possibly lose links.

Bethany said...

Ohh, I really like it!! I'm Irish though so maybe that's why ;) I should change mine since it's had the same template for a few years...oh well. =)

Jennifer said...

A wee bit 'o green for Seent Potty's Day, eh? Me likey!

Amy said...

I was shocked when I opened your blog today! :) Nice and cheerful. Be careful... you'll wind up like me and start changing your blogs every couple of months. ;)

Greg said...

I like the new layout!! And I like the one you set up for Sue, too (well, I assume you did, because... well, you know)!!