Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Berry for President?

While I admit to not being a political junkie, I at least thought I knew the names of all running or formerly running candidates.

Until yesterday.

We were driving home from Meijer when I saw a Berry for President sign in some one's yard.
"Huh?", I thought? Was this some local guy for a state or county position?

Good ol' Google confirmed otherwise.
Samuel Berry of Oregon is a candidate for this Presidential election.

Have you heard of him?

I agree with him on some of his issues, but my vote remains with McCain-Palin.


Bethany said...

I haven't heard of him...off to check him out!

Andrea said...

Ah hahahaha.. never heard of him.

Sue said...

just wait til you vote-there will be a lot of names on the ballot! Seems like a waste of $$ to post those signs though.

Don't forget, Presidential debate on tonight!!

Sue said...

Love your background too!!! What a great pic of A & B