Thursday, October 09, 2008


Yesterday I was carrying Brennan and some groceries in the back door, and I saw this nasty little creature on our back windowsill:

Enormously huge for a bug. Fakes you out and makes you think it's a leaf, which meant I almost touched it. (gag...big time).

Thankfully it was on the outside and not in, but it was close enough to where the door opened; It could have easily gotten inside.

Again, gross, disgusting, more gross. Ick.

I know God doesn't make mistakes, but I think this may be one that sneaked through the cracks. (no offense, God...I just don't see the point of this icky not-so-little thing)

Do you know what this thing is?
I didn't, so I looked it up.

Apparently it's a Katydid. Those are the annoyingly loud bugs we hear during the summer and into early fall. They are loud and disguise themselves well as leaves. I read they are not harmful. Maybe not, but after seeing it, I felt itchy all over and kept waking up last night thinking there were stinking bugs on me. Bla.

By the way, once my groceries and Brennan were safe inside, I shut the window, grabbed the bug spray, and sprayed the crap out of that sucker. He put up a good fight, but sure enough he died. I watched him die through my window. Hopefully that passed the message on to his kinfolk to stay away from my home.


Andrea said...

LOL!!! Oh my gosh you are so funny. I don't like bugs all that much but I don't think katydids are that bad. Ha ha ha ha ha... Still laughing at you.

Sue said...

ALL bugs (well, except ladybugs) are AWFUL!!! I really hope to have the opportunity to ask God about roaches, I truly think the devil one there. Oh, I killed a slug this morning.

Jennifer said...

Okay, I just typed out a long coment and the stupid browser lost it--Baahh!!

ANYWAYS, I was SAYING that we saw one of these on our porch this week, too--Only, I got all excited and called Landon over to check it out. I then (get ready to gag, Sue and Sharon) encouraged Landon to touch its back legs to make it fly, regretting that my camera battery was dead b/c I wanted a close-up! You'll be happy to know that Andy shivered in terror and wouldn't go near the thing--Ha ha ha! Maybe I should go hunt for another one today and chase him around with it! Now THAT I'd have to have a camera for!

Kim said...

Sorry Sharon, but I have to agree with Jen on this one...that bug looks SO cool! And Sophie seconds that...she's sitting here looking at the picture, holding her hand up to the monitor and saying "Hand, hand!" (what she says when she wants to hold something, ha ha!). But I had a good laugh at your post...too funny:)