Monday, November 17, 2008

**UPDATE** I'm a MOTRIN customer no more

Apparently Motrin woke up. The ad has been removed from their site! You know, it's in large part due to all of the Mommy Bloggers blogging about it, as well as posting about it on Twitter. Hot diggity dog. :)
You can read Motrin's response and apology here. (Thanks to Crunchy Domestic Goddess)
Motrin has decided to take a stab at babywearing.
They are playing a commercial on their site, using words like "supposedly" when it comes to the benefits of wearing your baby. Their goal in this commercial is to portray that babywearing = pain, which in turn means more Motrin.

I'd love to know the moms they interviewed before making this infuriating commercial. Most often, if there is pain involved, the person wearing the child is not doing so correctly! As I suspect is the case with whomever was behind this condescending ad.

Motrin, you have lost me as a customer. I became a fan of Motrin when I started my period back in 1991. For 17 years I've been a devout customer. You just lost some business, Motrin.

I am so grateful for Steph's video reply. She says & does it better than I would, so I'm sharing with you her video. HERS is one worth watching.

Adios, Motrin.

(below is another awesome response. Again, this momma says it all!)


Stacey said...

You made the consumerist:

Um, also, my captcha is "hymenic."

Sharon said...

Ha! Well, I didn't see me on the consumerist, but it seems enough bloggers made a stink. (I don't think I get enough traffic. Kinda glad I was void on that one)

I e-mailed Motrin & thanked them for removing the ad. Had the ad not had such a negative tone and misinformation, then I don't think it would have bugged me at all. I didn't find ALL offensive. Have you seen some of the Youtube videos?!
WHOA! Some rage. lol

Truthfully, I mostly buy generic anyway. Cheaper.

Andrea said...

I have heard about this add from you as well as other bloggers and tweeters, but still have not read it. Thanks for the post, I hope to get to it sometime, even though the hype has gone down.