Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is he out of line?

Or being a good priest and doing his job?

What Fr. Newman Told Parishioners (if they voted for Obama)

Just because it's something people don't want to hear doesn't mean it's not the truth.
While I can see the parishioners thinking this is crossing the line, I also think that too big a deal is being made of this.

I agree with Fr. Newman. Voting does entail a moral obligation, like it or not.

(by the way, this caught my attention because I went to middle school there, as well as my sister got married there and we went to church there when we first moved to SC). It's a gorgeous church.


Sue said...

I agree. I know I walk a very thin line with abortion when I feel it may be forgiven if a Mother;s life is in grave danger but I must be honest & say god forbid if Haleigh were raped at the age of say, 11 I would take her immediately to the hospital.... you know the rest. I think there were only 2 100% pro-life candidates: Fred Thompson & Mike Huckabee. Ofcourse our 2012 nominee is 100% prolife, Ms. Sarah Palin!!!!!! If I had voted for Obama I do believe i was comitting a sin. I think the priest was right on with what he said-good for him.

Diva Mom Vicki said...

What a brave priest, who dared to speak THE TRUTH. He has an obligation to teach and proclaim the Gospel. He tried to do so and now he's being persecuted in the press for it.

But then again it was reported this week that about half the Bishops voted for Obama. So THE TRUTH isn't even coming from half of our shepherds.

Pray for our priests and for more vocations.

Stacey said...

While the video in your last post proves that Obama is a supreme douche, I still don't find it any more morally forgivable to vote for the guy who is all about war, war, war. Innocent men, women, and children are killed in war, so making that decision should be as last resort and desperate a situation as abortion should be. (Remember, I have had a legitimately life-saving abortion.) The war in Iraq was not a desperate, last resort situation.

Also, if I recall correctly, John McCain is unopposed to embryonic stem cell research, which the Church has taken a solid position against.

Unless the priest is also willing to deny communion to McCain supporters for these reasons, he's just playing politics with the blessed sacrament, and that sucks.

Sharon said...

John McCain is not even Catholic, so I don't think him receiving Communion would even be an option. But yes, if he tried to receive without being Catholic and having received Communion as a Sacrament, then a priest would offer a blessing, not the Eucharist.
Knowing Fr. Newman personally, I would never say he's playing politics with the Eucharist. He would not be disrespecful like that.

I know it's a topic we disagree on, so I'll try to keep it light. ;)
The way I see it is this:
war is a battle fought in defense, with selfLESSness.

Abortion is an attack on the helpless, fought out of selfISHness.

And yes, while McCain is not 100% pro-life either, he has definitely shown that he values life more than Obama, at least imo.

Obama is pushing so violently for FOCA and basically infanticide. I fully believe it would wrong if a religious leader DID NOT address that issue.

Sue said...

John McCain isn't against stem cell research but opposes embryonic stem cell research. Please don't compare war with abortion! So not the same-we do NOT have a draft-men & women know what it means when they join any branch of the military. Getting Sadaam Hussein wasn't worth it at all?? Saving Iraqi children not worth it? Iraq refused diplomatc efforts. Do you really think George Bush wanted to declare war? Do you remember 9 11??? I will always teach mu kids that George W. Bush was one of the best presidents we've had.