Tuesday, December 09, 2008

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad...

...You take 'em both, and there you have:

The good:
  • A coupon for a free McDonald's Mocha. Yum. Plus free caffeine.
  • Selling 7 DVDs on Amazon since Sunday.
  • Aidan saying to me this morning, "I love you so much, you can have my pencil." The boy knows how to reach a lady's heart.
  • Reading that my friend Andrea is expecting baby #3!! (Go congratulate her:)

The bad:
  • Brennan knocked over our Christmas tree, breaking 2 ornaments.
  • Brennan no longer sleeps well. I may have to try an approach I am dreading.
  • Brennan threw one of his coats and 2 of my shoes in the trash.
  • There is no chocolate in the house.
Ah, 'tis another day in parenthood, right?
I don't mean for all of the bad things to be about Brennan. LOL He is a toddler, and only acting like one. I'd cope better with these things if he wasn't waking so much at night lately.

Despite it all, I love them like crazy and am glad to be the one with them.

Besides, less than 2 weeks from now we'll be in South Carolina visiting family & friends!!! I can't wait! (and 2 weeks from yesterday is The Polar Express!) I look forward to seeing my family, enjoying a fire in my parents' family room, playing games, and Aidan baking cookies with my mom. Of course it will be great to see Brennan with my dad at his train garden, too.
So much fun to come, and in 2 short weeks!


Sue said...

Hope it gets better with Brennan sleeping. xoxooxox

Amy said...

Thanks Sharon. Now I'm singing the theme song from Facts of Life over and over in my head :)

Andrea said...

Thanks for the congrats! I hope things start looking better with Brennan's sleep. That's hard. =(