Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lick & Slap

Ever play it?

What you do is choose your prey, lick your fingers, then slap them across chosen person's body, mostly the arm. The arm is good because the skin is usually nice & tight. Marks show up quicker. ;)

The other day Patrick was all "hey, you're too nice to me all the time, I don't deserve you, please slap me around. I know I married up...".

So I was obliged.
Who am I to deny my husband's request?

Here is a sample of my work:

Alright, alright, I hope you noticed my sarcasm. :) We were goofing off, me being overtired, and I did the lick & slap asking him if he remembered that. He wouldn't acknowledge it hurt the first time, sitting their with a smirk on his face, so I challenged him to withstand it again.
On top of it I managed a picture, with Pat doubting I'd actually make a blog post about this.

Ha ha. Since when don't I blog about most everything?

Lick & slap.
Tell me you've done this before, probably as a kid with your siblings?


Sharon said...

**Please know I also don't think abuse or anything in that matter is something to laugh about. There is no abuse, this was all sarcastic humor**.

JapaneseKeane said...

Many of my friends did it at school!
But I don`t want to do it ^^;

Thank you for your comment!
Sorry...I`ll make effort to write my blog in English....

I`d be glad if you visit my blog again!

Have a nice weekend!

Amy said...

LOL! I don't think we've ever played that one. We do play cow bite and once we were goofing around and I got a jelly belly stuck in his ear.

Jennifer said...

Hahahahaha! Awesome! I used to do this all the time, but without the spit--Now I have something to look forward to! Who ever said marriage was boring? :oD

Andrea said...

LOL!!!!! I am TOTALLY using this on Kurt.

Sue said...

you are sick.

Modern Catholic Mom said...

I started a new catholic mom blog, please come and visit!