Sunday, February 15, 2009

Local Celebrity

Local celebrity, or so it feels. :)

Each month our local library displays artwork from the area schools. This month it is featuring Aidan's preschool! We finally made it over there on Friday to check it out. Today I took a picture.

We kind of went against the grain with our preschool decision. In our town, there is one particular preschool that is "THE" preschool. The funny thing is, it's considered to be "the" preschool for most parents because it has a car line, meaning you don't have to take your child into the school, you just drop him off in a car line.

Convenient? Sure.
Was it enough of a reason to sell us on that school? No.

I actually like the fact that we have to go inside the classroom each school day to drop Aidan off & pick him up. It establishes a connection between home and school that I find to be invaluable.

Anyway, now that I went off on a tangent, back on topic.
I love that our library does this, and that Aidan's school participates. Seeing their artwork displayed in a public place makes them appreciate what they do, and they develop a sense of pride and confidence.
Yes, from one silly project.

We enjoyed seeing his picture on display, and of course recognizing his classmates', too.
So VOILA! Pictures. :)

Aidan's is just to the left of his face


Mandy said...

Kids always get so excited when they participate in something like this!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a neat thing for him to enjoy!

Sue said...

that's great!!! now go celebrate & see Friday the 13th-Nick said it was great.

Bethany said...

Aw, how neat! That's a really cool thing for the library to do! :)

We have drop off/pick up at my school too, but in my classroom, since it's after school, the parents come pick the kids up. Most of the time, I really like it because it makes it easier to talk to the parents daily about their child. :)

Hyperactive Lu said...

How neat!!

Nell said...

Oh I bet that is just so much fun for the children AND the parents. I'd love to see my child's artwork up.


Amy said...

I bet he feels special! My oldest to went to "The" preschool. It was a hard decision to switch w/Robbie. But once we did, I wished a little bit that we had done it sooner!