Monday, February 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday--February 23, 2009

Monday: Slow Cooker Chicken Tetrazzini
Cheesesteaks!! Sort of becoming a Fat Tuesday tradition. :) Happy Mardi Gras! Wednesday: Oatmeal Pancakes (another tradition)..Ash Wednesday-start of Lent
Pork & Potato Skillet
Baked Mac & Cheese with peas on the side (meatless Fridays during Lent)

Thanks to I'm an Organizing Junkie for hosting MPM.


n*stitches said...

Yum - Oatmeal pancakes sound great!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh can I totally come over for dinner like every night!?


Snow White said...

Thanks for stopping by! The oatmeal pancakes sound delicious.

hyperactive lu said...

pork and potato skillet sounds yummy! could you share the recipe?!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

I'm with Steph! It all sounds yummy to my tummy!


Sue said...

tick tock tick tock break it down

Amy said...

Hey -- can you post the recipe for slow cooker chicken tetrazzini?

Ter said...

hi thank you for popping by my blog and for your comment. I see you are also a bereaved mom. I'm very sorry to hear that.

please feel free to pop by again anytime!