Thursday, April 09, 2009

It's Nivek's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Nivek,
otherwise known as Kevin!!

Kevin is my 2nd oldest brother, now 45 years old, I think. He's currently living in California and we don't see him nearly enough.

Kevin is unique. He is unbelievably smart, resourceful, and his survival skills enable him to outdo the common person, in my opinion.
He is a protective brother and fun uncle. I miss him and wish my kids knew him better.

Kevin is also schizophrenic.
To a lot of people this means they won't get to know him better. To many, it means they can't see past that word....that label. "Schizophrenic". Yes, he is mentally ill. But he is also one of the most normal people I know, in different ways.

He is honest to a fault, his memory is impeccable, and his heart is golden.
It's unfortunate that he struggles with this illness, as it does prevent him from living what most of us would consider a "normal" life.

However, Kevin is such a gift. He has taught us so much.

Kevin was diagnosed right around the time I was born. He was 17. Since I was a newborn, I have known him no differently. I don't have the memories of him growing up, or of his childhood like some of my siblings do. My older siblings may remember him before he started to "change".

What's amazing, though, is that Kevin has taught me that you love someone know matter what. Regardless of illness or disability, you love them. Especially if you are from the same family.
Kevin, through his life, has taught me that the generosity of others can truly save a life.
The generosity of others, as in complete strangers, providing him with food/shelter, has saved him time & again.

I know God makes no mistake, and Kevin was put on this earth for a reason.
He is my brother and I love him.
Happy Birthday, Kevin! I hope you have a great day!


Sue said...

couldn't have said it better. that's a great picture. I hope he has the best day.

Jennifer said...

What an AWESOME post! People who don't take time to know him sure are missing a lot! He is hilarious! Happy birthday Kevin!! (Wax on!)

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday to Kevin!! He seems like a great guy and a wonderful brother! :)

Angie said...

What a wonderful post! Happy belated birthday to Kevin!