Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Saturday!!!

Woo-hoo!!! The best part of the weekend is here!

This is one of those random thoughts posts, alright?

~Yesterday was excruciating. I had scheduled both of the boys' annual well visits/Aidan's kindergarten physical for 9:10 with our family doctor (fully switching over from the pediatrician).
We do our part and get there on time. Now I understand waiting a few minutes, as in maybe 10. But oh no! We were not called until almost 9:40!!! Ah!! It is NOT easy being in a small waiting room for 30 minutes-a crowded waiting room at that-with 2 little people 5 & under. No.
I am sure there are people out there who do it all the time, probably w/ more kids and even younger, but I am so not that person. It was difficult, and they had lost all interest in sitting still by the time we actually got back to the doctor's room.
I really don't blame them, but it was still frustrating.

Their check-ups went well. I really like this doctor, thankfully. Aidan has come a long way from being a toddler, where he was always on the bottom of the percentiles for weight. He is now in the top for his height (big surprise....Daddy is 6'3). His weight is normal, too.

Not to much of a surprise, the doctor referred us to an allergist for Aidan. I have to call back on Monday.
It's what I expected (the allergy issue), but it's perplexing to me because we've done so much of what they say is "right". You know, I limited his formula-intake by breastfeeding most, there has never been smoking in our home, no pets, we eat a decently healthy diet...
I just wonder if there was something I missed. I know genes are a big factor, too. I guess I wonder what good a lot of what I did has done.

~The doctor's was exhausting enough. We came home for lunch and potential down time.
Joke is on me!! HA!!
My boys, after proclaiming how exhausted they were, did not nap. Neither of them. I swear they planned it.

~3rd appointment coming up. I then had to round them for more time in the car, making it to Aidan's 2:00 Speech appointment. We love his Speech teacher. It was horrible trying to occupy Brennan in this tiny waiting room, again. He was screaming and I was gritting my teeth.
(Aidan goes in solo for this).
When I did chat w/ the teacher, she told me how Aidan told her that he is the real Batman, and that if she was ever falling out of a window, he would save her because he IS the real Batman. LOL!! I love it. You could tell she did, too.

I was beyond exhausted from my outings w/ the boys yesterday. I am grateful for my husband, because he ducked out of a work a little early yesterday. He wound up giving me some solo time, taking the boys to the park. I was able to eat in peace, started watching Made of Honor, then went for a good power walk. I am sore today, but it feels good.

-Lastly, bring on the bravery!
I go for my Weight Watchers weigh-in today. I am nervous. I busted my booty last week, and I gained a pound. Not fair!! I walked nearly 12 miles last week, drank about 5 bottles of water each day, and ate well. Only to gain a pound. It ruined my week. If I have another gain, I swear I will quit and eat an entire gallon of ice cream myself.

My other bravery call is for Aidan's birthday party. It's tomorrow! It's mostly for his school friends and a few other friends (not a family party). I am excited, but nervous to be hosting.
Tomorrow is also Brennan's 2nd birthday! My "baby" being 2 is kind of giving me mild baby fever. But we'll see...

I hope you all have a great weekend!! Enjoy the nice weather!


Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Oh man sounds like a nightmare to me, I love that we never wait more than 5-10 minutes at my dr. a half hour and I may have given up! Don't stress about the weight gain muscle weighs more than fat and you are building up while you are trying to lose so go easy on your self sounds like you did a great job! I hope the party goes well!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Hope the party goes well! I know too well the allergy route! Hope everything is ok!


Domanda3 said...

I absolutely hate waiting at the drs. office. I totally feel your pain! Good luck at your weigh in. I am sure you will be shocked this week, in a good way!!!!!!!