Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May 5th Fun!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Swine flu or not, we'll be enjoying some American version of Mexican food: Bean Burritos!
(for dinner, of course. Can you imagine a bean burrito for breakfast?!)

Today is also a good day because Patrick's final is over with! He is a free man for 2 weeks! Well, OK, he still has work, but no school for 2 weeks!

AND....drum roll...last but not least, it was on this day, 7 years ago the other side of Ohio, my husband got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

In a cemetery.

Ha!!! It was actually a beautiful place, though. Still, I will forever joke about him proposing to me in a cemetery. ;-0

Being the joker, I found the perfect picture to share.
Drum roll.............................................

Us at our finest!
This was while we were engaged, my 1st year of teaching. The school offered trick-or-treating through the building on Halloween, so we dressed up and clowned around. Pat was a big hit because he rode his unicycle around for my students & their parents.

Fun memories!


Bethany said...

Happy Anniversary (of your engagement!) ;)

He proposed in a cemetery...was it the Steubenville one, because that is a pretty one! ;)

Happy Cinco De Mayo, enjoy the burritos!!

Mandy said...

Aw!!! Yay for your engagement anniversary. :)

Is it wrong to be eating leftover pizza on Cinco de Mayo?

PB said...

yes Bethany, it was the Steubie cemetery. Early in our relationship, a walk through the cemetery was the first time we held hands. I took her to that spot since it was when we were first holding hands that I knew she was the one.

~Billie~ said...

In a cemetery?!? How cool! Happy Anniversary!
I'd eat bean burritos for breakfast! I'm not a big fan of breakfast foods, though.