Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preschool Graduation!

My baby has completed preschool!!!
Aidan's graduation was just too cute yesterday. I am so very pleased with his preschool. Every ounce of me is happy with sending him there. It was a great experience, great environment, and he loved it all.
He never cried, never wanted to stay home, never had to come home from school...I am so grateful he loves school. I feel like we hit the jackpot!

They did a fantastic job with the graduation. I'm probably posting too many pictures for your interest, but that's the risk you take coming to my blog. ;)

We had fun getting ready at home, very happy to see Pat's mom, sister, and her 3 kids come down, and surprised by some things during graduation.

They had a guest speaker! Totally didn't expect that one. Our city's mayor came and gave a speech. It was very cute. After that the students did the Pledge, then sang America, the Beautiful! It was adorable. They sang some more songs, then one class received their diplomas, then Aidan's class. I can honestly say I held up better than I expected. It's just something to learn as a parent: each milestone your child reaches, it's a bittersweet growing pain for you. It's deep.

And now the endless pictures!

Aidan & Brennan before going to school

the cupcakes

Aidan with his teacher

the sign Brennan & I made
table w/ the book his preschool sent home (that was the real tear jerker)
It's dark, but this is his group before walking down the aisle to Pomp & Circumstance



His class listening to the mayor

Good shot of Aidan
His classReceiving his diploma!

Back in the classroom, cutting loose
Aidan & his cousin Mercy at the sanctuary where graduation was held
Back home for the "party", holding his newest cousin, Luciano

A lot of pictures! It was a great day and we're very proud of him.
It's not just the fact that he went to preschool. It's the fact that he went so bravely, from day one, eager and ready to learn.
From day one he has constantly reached out to the other kids to develop friendships.
He spent many hours drawing pictures and making cards for classmates, teachers...
He developed his first true friendships, had play dates without me there...

My once colicky baby is 5 years old, and he has grown so much. He grew so much this year, and has matured.
I love you, Aidan!

7 comments: said...

Oh my word, isn't that the cutest thing ever?!


Sue said...

so sweet! great pictures< the kids look so cute. your cupcakes looked yummy. I'll get in the car now just to hit you if you say you didn't eat one!

Mandy said...

So cute. :) Your cupcakes turned out great!!

This milestone thing with our kids is killing me. :)

Crystal said...

they look so cute in their caps and gowns. very cool graduation!

Amy said...

I always think it's so funny when they dress up the little kids in cap and gown. None of my kids' preschools did that. Looks like a fun day.

Erin said...

Congrats Aidan! He looks so cute!

Future Mama said...

Aww, thanks so much for sharing! this is so cute! He looks much older than preschool aged though! Too cute!!