Monday, June 01, 2009

It's Just Another manic Rainy Monday

Normally rainy Mondays are pretty "ick" feeling for me. I don't really mind it today, though.
We had a busy weekend visiting with my parents, and today I welcome the slower paced day.

I'm not posting my menu because I can't find it.
I planned one out, but it was chaotic and I somehow lost the paper. I can't remember everything on it, so I'm winging it this week.
Tonight we're having sandwiches. Nice & easy. What are you having for dinner?

My sweet husband has been working incredibly hard. I have barely seen him. He's in the middle of his first 6-week class. 2 weeks in, and he's already done 1 paper and a separate presentation. This past weekend he was working on his 15-page paper, and also received his take-home Midterm to get started on. Ah!!! I love my kids, but parenting is so much easier when both parents are around to do it. I know many moms out there are in the same boat (hello Crystal, Sue, Andrea!). His busyness and schedule has meant more time for me solo with the boys. What do I do? Stress and stress eat. I am trying hard, but it is such a challenge.

Oh right...the tangent on Pat's schedule. Nice & easy sandwiches for dinner because I am too beat to make anything else! Tomorrow I'll aim for a meaty meal in the crockpot.

I'm hopeful for a good week.
Tonight I need to write my weekly post for The Classy Closet, and The Closer premiers. Woo-hoo. Sadly, I rely on TV for most of my entertainment or relaxation time.

What are your plans for this week? And holy moly, can you believe it's already JUNE?!


Sue said...

homemade pizza because to be frank, I have SEVERE diarhea (I think Longhorns poisoned me) & Haleigh & Jack can do this ON THEIR OWN!!!!!

Crystal said...

we had leftover hamburgers and hot dogs from the weekend along with leftover mac and cheese and buttered noodles. plus fruit for the kids. We are trying to eat up all the leftovers and not go grocery shopping for anything (except bread, milk, butter) this week since we are heading to MD Friday night for a few days. Don't want to come home to a fridge full of spoiled food, plus I'm trying to come up with a new food budget!
speaking of sweet husbands, mine decided that he is going to look for a second part-time job M-Thurs! I feel kind of bad, but he said it will give him something to do up there during the week and us some extra money to start paying stuff down.

Amy said...

How did I miss so many of your posts? LOVE the last WW.

Tonight was corn dogs on the run to a soccer game that got canceled 10 minutes after we arrived on account of lightning.

Tomorrow? Tacos, I think.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Girl- I am beat. My hubby gets home after the kids are in bed so I am pretty wiped from taking care of everything all day. I hear you.


Bethany said...

I can't believe it's June! I also don't remember what I had for dinner Monday (hehe) and as I was falling asleep last night realized I never had dinner. How's that for menu planning!? ;)