Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hello, July

I can't believe you're here already!

It's the last full month of summer. Isn't that crazy? I know technically summer doesn't end until September, but August is when Aidan starts kindergarten full time. Summer break will come to an end. CRAZY.

June went out with a bang. We had a great time hosting a cookout for my husband's side of the family. It was our IOU to them for helping us move and make our house ready to live in.
They helped us out a ton, so we thanked them by grilling out bacon-wrapped fillets, veggie kabobs, fruit salad, ice cream, and apple pie. Oh, and loaded baked potatoes, beer & wine. It was delicious, every bite of it.

With everyone here, we brought out the slip & slide. Aidan had a blast doing the slip & slide with his uncles. Everyone else had a blast watching them. Have you ever seen grown men do the slip&slide? I recommend it.
The month ended well, too, because we learned that Patrick finished his most recent class earning a 98%! That is great and I am proud of him. I am truly impressed by his dedication and work ethic. He is such a different student now than when we were in college together.

Busy beginning of the month for us!
Pat started his new class this week-Accounting. Sounds like fun, right? (wrong)
Tomorrow we head off to Milwaukee to see some good friends. I have not seen Alison since December 2006-I can't wait! I've never met her daughter, she's never met Brennan, and I get to see her pregnant! (She's having another girl, by the way) Thankfully they're not quite 6 hours away from us, so the drive is more manageable than other trips we take. Plus we get to drive through Chicago, which is always exciting. The boys will love it, getting to see all the trains.
Hopefully we can stop by Navy Pier on our way home.

Friday is Patrick's birthday-the old man is turning 29. ;) I've given him tips on how to be 29, since I'm a whopping 6 weeks older than him. I think I've prepared him alright.

Of course the 4th of July is this weekend. Oh, are you in need of a good cookout recipe? I posted yesterday over here, sharing 2 great dip recipes.

My father's birthday is this month, and towards the end of the month we're planning to drive down to the Raleigh area to visit my brother & his family. (Hi John & Erin!)
We've never seen their house, have yet to meet their newest baby (a-hem, my goddaughter;), and we have not seen them since December 2007. Way too long! It's nice because our kids seem to be on the same insane sleeping schedule. Wake up at the crack of dawn (if not earlier), hit the sack around 7 p.m. Nice.

I welcome July. June was nice, busy, but nice. Yet July holds some excitement, too.
What will you be doing this month? Any trips? Big milestones?


Sue said...

MOVING :( but we are planning an escape to Charleston later in the month. We MUST see the ocean!!!
Haleigh also starts basketball camp on July 6th which is coached by a Furman alum. Very cool.

Have fun on your trips!!! You & Erin BETTER go to a movie!!!!! (John & Pat will for sure make a beer run-or two!)

Crystal said...

Oh it is utterly hilarious to see grown men on slip and slides, isn't it? Jason and Jeff (his brother) were playing on the boys' with them. Too funny!

Oh and tell Pat we said "Happy Birthday!!"

Have fun on your trip.

Amy said...

You can invite me to your kind of cookout any time!

I'm hoping July is restful for us. Swim team will be over, almost. Finished on July 10. No camps, no soccer. Just some nice restful family time.

Doesn't that sound nice? I give it a 50/50 shot.

Lu said...

Your cook out sounded awesome!!! June sure did go fast, didn't it?! I can't believe July is already here!!! Enjoy your trip this weekend!

Happy 4th!

Bethany said...

Gosh, it's such a busy summer for everyone!

Happy Birthday to Pat! Was your birthday only 6 weeks ago? GOSH! Seems like forever--

The family reunion goes until the 10th-ish and then it's off to Rhode Island for me. Back to work on the 20th and nothing else planned for July...or August, actually!

Erin said...

We can't wait to see you guys. It's been way too long. We'll make John wake up with all the kids :)