Thursday, September 10, 2009


This may be considered a moment of mommy-brag, just a heads up.

I was dropping Aidan off to his classroom this morning, watching him put his backpack in his locker. He likes me to stay long enough to see which center he opts to play at for that morning.
I nodded to his teacher, telling her I was just waiting for that time, since Aidan likes me to know.

She came over to me with a big smile on her face, put her hand to her heart, then said that Aidan is such a sweet boy. She said he is so thoughtful and sweet.
A boy was crying in his class the other day, she told me, and Aidan went right to him to comfort him. He had rubbed the boy's back & told him it's OK. His teacher told me this with such sincerity.

My son. My sweet son.

It may not seem like a big deal, but for me, this is.
I had a very hard time sending my first-born off to school full time. The idea of him being with someone else for 30+ hours a week, and me not included, very much so unnerved me.
My biggest fear?
That person not seeing him for who he really is. Not finding the good in my kid.

Now I know his teacher has seen some of the good we know is a part of Aidan.
It completely made my day. I know it's only 10:23 in the morning, but it made my day. I feel so relieved and happy.

I am proud of my compassionate son. Sure he has his crazy, wild, misbehaved moments. But he has a good heart. At the age of 5, he knows compassion and sensitivity.

I can't wait to hug him when I pick him up from school.


Sue said...

that is precious. I hope you get him a treat!! :)

Amy said...

Wonder if that teacher knows what a gift she gave you today? Ahhh!

Andrea said...

I needed to read this Sharon! Thank you and you should be proud, you are a wonderful mother who has raised a wonderful son... with the help of daddy of course! *HUGS* I need to email you about the whole school thing.. when I get time. =) Love ya.

Mandy said...

:) What a wonderful thing to hear about your child. Yay Mom and Yay Aidan.

Erin said...

That's so sweet!

Crystal said...

Aw how sweet! He is a very sweet boy, and we just love him (and B, of course!!!) so much. We miss you guys soooooo much!

Bethany said...

Aw, that's so sweet!!!! I'm enjoying giving many of the same kinds of messages to parents at my school. Most awesome kids ever! :)