Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mommy Confession: I Hate Potty Training

Does anyone enjoy it?

I've not been the best about potty training. Honestly, I'm lazy about it.
I hate doing it. It's so time consuming, incredibly boring. Necessary and essential, yes, but I am not motivated.

I'm making attempts to get more on it with potty training Brennan.

With Aidan (our oldest), I was all "Yeah! Time to potty train!".
Ha! Only possible with the first kid.

I need to embrace this.
But you know what? It's kind of hard to happily embrace a task that results in (temporary) peeing on the floor, getting peed on, having to clean up pee, probably poop, too.
Tears, possibly from both of us.

You wanna encourage me to potty train this kid? Or better yet, come and do it for me?
I think I might be just fine letting him stay in diapers another few months. But the fact is, most of the other kids his age (2.5) are already trained, and have been for a while.

I suppose their mothers aren't lazy and actually care about the issue.
There's my mommy confession.

(by the way, I was reading this link and I think I may try it. Trying to motivate myself here)


Kim said...

Don't beat yourself up! 2.5 years is really young for boys to potty train..theyre just not interested. Heck some full grown men would probably opt for a diaper if given the choice! :) I started around 3 with Jack, but he wasn't ready till 4!!! And looking back I wished I'd saved myself alot of frustration by just waiting! But when he was he did it no problem. Sophie trained before her 3rd bday but I think girls are easier, and she was actually interested in using the toilet because she saw everyone else doing it and she wanted to do what the big people were doing :) So hey, laze it up...he'll let you know when he's ready, till then just relax. Who cares what "all the other kids are doing" anyway?? lol

Stacey said...

Really? Most kids are already potty-trained by 2.5? I am a monumental failure then. Ace is almost 3 and a half and while he poops every day on the potty, I just haven't gotten serious enough about potty training to get 'er done, once and for all. I was serious about it during his summer break in August but then he went back to school and I just slacked right off again.

I suppose I should get on it, stat.

Sue said...

Jack wasn't until AFTER 3 yrs. old. I believe when they are ready, they are ready!! Now go eat some chocolate & you'll feel better :)

Sharon said...

Stacey, I don't think MOST kids, but the ones we seem to see consistently around our circle here.

Ok, there is this one 2yo-he is ONE month older than Brennan. Fully potty trained, AND he rides a bike w/ training wheels already. Not a tricycle, but a 2-wheeler w/ training wheels. Yeah.

Aidan wasn't fully potty trained until 3, so I do think that's normal. Maybe I should just lay off it.
I actually started because Brennan was the one to show interest (during the summer). He proudly sits on the toilet seat and demands m&ms. LOL

Bethany said...

I don't know many 2.5 year olds who are potty trained here...and no one enjoys potty training...hehe! I know I certainly didn't enjoy potty training Z a few years ago-- but he demands M&M's, hmm? He's definitely YOUR child!

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Within my Mom circle we have almost all boys and NONE of them was potty trained before 3. And many, including Christopher, weren't trained until 4.

Here's my 'training': A week after Christopher's 4th birthday I told him that Saturday was 'No More Diaper Day!'. We went and picked out cool underware, a cake, and on that day took him to Toys R Us to pick out a new toy.

I told him he could play with his new toy as long as he used the potty during the day. If he wanted to go back to pull-ups that was fine but the toy went into storage until he was ready for underware.

Underware went on and we never looked back. Not one accident.

I just don't understand the stress of potty 'training'. If there are daycare issues, sure. But I just think of it as a perk of being a SAHM - I don't have to deal with timelines.

Stop worrying about what the 'other Moms' are doing. Or choose to follow this Mom's lead - heck of a lot less stressful! LOL!

Shelly said...

Sharon, you are not alone, its amazing how alike we are on this concept, i am so lazy about it too, my daughter is 4 months from turning 3 and they say girls are always potty trained before the boys are and she goes all the time for me and all i really have to do is commit myself to just taking her every 20 min for three days straight and then she will catch on. I am just so scared to make the switch to big girl underwear because i doo dont want to deal with cleaning up accidents and constant laundry. I have no advice othet than what everyone else has said, dont beat yourself up about it and dont compare yourself to other moms, i know its so hard to do that, i need to listen to my own advice too!