Saturday, November 07, 2009

Happy Birthday, Good Friend!

Happy Birthday, Amanda!
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Amanda is a person I've become better friends with than I ever expected.
She and I both married Michigan guys we met in college, moving away from our own families after marrying them. (She from Iowa, me from SC)

Our friendship has grown and it's so nice to know Amanda and have her friendship.

Happy Birthday, Amanda! I hope you enjoy your special day. :)

(oh, and I'd give you some Andes Mints if I had them-you like those, right?)


Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!!!!

Sue said...

that is so weird you wrote you are from SC-you are a MI girl!!!!!

oh, happy Birthday Amanda-do you like Twilight???

Sharon said...

I moved FROM SC when I moved [back] to MI, and I had lived there for the past 11 years, so yeah, I counted it. ;)
Plus it's where family still is.

Domanda3 said...

Thanks so much Sharon! That was such a sweet post. You are a great friend! And yes, I love Andes mints!!!!!!!