Tuesday, December 15, 2009

End of an Era, Beginning of a New One

I get into ornaments. Post on that to come.

Each year we I pick an ornament for each boy, then one for us as a family. I like the ornaments to reflect their life at that particular time.

With Aidan, we've reached the end of an ornament-era (if there is such a thing): He has outgrown the Child's Age Collection. Last year was his 5th Christmas, and this series covers 1st-5th Christmas.
I can't believe it.

So this year I took him to the store and told him he now got to choose any one ornament he wanted for 2009. (Brennan is still in the Child Age collection, so we got him the 3rd Christmas one)

Aidan really enjoyed this experience, and so did I. It was cute watching him decide the perfect ornament for him. I just can't get over how much he is growing up.

He chose this one:

It's an adorable, fun ornament. It really plays the song, and the elf really pops up. So cute.

It's also very fitting because Aidan has asked Santa for a jack-in-the-box. Ever since the letter "J" in school, when they did something with a jack-in-the-box, he has wanted one. I am fairly confident Santa will deliver. ;)

So sweet.
It's the end of the Child's Age Collection, but the beginning of something new for Aidan. My lil' big boy.


Amy said...

How sweet that he wanted a Jack-in-the-Box! Reminds me of the year that Charlie asked for a nutcracker.

Domanda3 said...

What a sweet ornament he picked. Love it! We want to start that tradition so badly. Too bad we missed the first three years. I geuss we can start now though, right?

Bethany said...

So cute. I love the tradition, very fun :)

Lu said...

we or i do the same- we get a family ornament and each boy an ornament!