Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Through the Years

Aidan with his very own tree:

above: Aidan last year, age 4

below: Aidan this year, age 5

They change so much in a year!
He had his own tree at 3, too, but for the life of me I can't find the picture of it. It wasn't the tree pictured above. It was a most pathetic tree that was only a buck or something along those lines. He loved it, though. (even though it was so small, ornaments would make it fall over!)

I never thought to let the kids do their own tree until my sister put the idea in my head. I'm sure Aidan would thank her if he knew it!

a few more:

letting his brother help (he's such a good big brother)


Andrea said...

I love seeing old and new photos. Very cute. What made you decide to let him have his own tree?

Sue said...

I didn't think of letting Haleigh have her own tree until preschool when her little friend did & Greg gave her such cute ornaments 3 yrs in a row I thought: "Haleigh really needs her own tree!"

Jack has one too & loves it. Now every year they pick out an ornament for the their trees!
Aidan looks very proud of his tree :)