Monday, January 18, 2010


That's supposed to be "dummmmm" as in a deep bell that rings when you're doomed.
Got it?

So the "dum" is this:
Patrick (my husband) is getting over pink eye and a sinus infection.
My 2yo has not been sleeping well at night.
And today we learned my 5yo ALSO has pink eye (milder than hubby's), and while we were in there with the doctor, he had a coughing fit. The doctor said Aidan also has bronchitis! Joy. (not)

Fortunately neither seems too intense for Aidan, and now that we have his prescriptions, we're hoping it stays mild.
Gack. Too much going around. I pray Brennan & I don't get it.

In an attempt to maintain perspective, I'm listing things that make me happy right now. I saw a list of 10 on someone's blog, so I'll go with that number, too.

10 Things that make me happy right now:

  1. Not having to cook dinner today, thanks to a giftcard to Little Caesar's
  2. Our car now being paid off. No more car payment.
  3. Being that much closer to having 2 other debts completely paid off.
  4. My husband not only woke up w/ the kids today, but he also took them to the park & gave me some me-time.
  5. I've done the shred for the past 5 days. It feels great.
  6. I'll be enjoying the Lean Cuisine Cheesesteak tonight for dinner (after kids are asleep)
  7. Menu Planning. Dorky as it sounds, it saves us stress & money. I enjoyed looking at others' menus today.
  8. 4 day week!
  9. Watching Aidan smile with excitement when he puts on his new Sketchers (compliments of his marmar & buppa0
  10. My kids are going to bed soon, my hubby is home tonight, and I have a dvr of shows to watch. 
There. 10 things, though some trivial, that are making me happy right now.
I want my family healthy again. I want my child to sleep again.
But my world could be worse. Let's hope it doesn't. ;)


Bethany said...

Hope the boys are on their way to recovery soon- does Aidan have to stay out of school for a few days? Enjoy your tv shows tonight, I fell asleep during them earlier this! YAY for paying off your debts which reminds me, we gotta talk before I go on a spending spreeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Amy said...

Oh no! We did our round with Pink Eye here last month. I was the only one that didn't get it... probably because of the constant hand-washing I was doing. Hope everyone heals up quickly!

martins111 said...

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