Monday, January 11, 2010

One was 4.5, one was 2.5

For first movie in the theater. :)

Aidan didn't see a movie in the theater until he was 4.5-last year, October, High School Musical 3. (hush, negative comments!)

Brennan got to go to the movies for the first time this past Saturday. Actually, it was the first time we all went as a family. And it was fun!

Our cheap theater runs current movies, and tickets for a matinee were only $2.50. How can you beat that? We went Saturday at noon.
It's not an updated theater-it's the old style, not stadium seating, etc. But none of us cared. It was fun.

Aidan loved the movie. I thought it was pretty cute, too. Loved the music.
Brennan did much better than I expected. Pat did wind up taking him out once or twice, but he was really pretty good.

I loved seeing a Disney movie that was real animation again, not computer-y stuff.
It was very cute, and Aidan has already decided we need to buy this dvd when it comes out.

It's funny, though, the way things can happen for younger siblings sooner, thanks to the older siblings paving the way. I probably would have taken Aidan to the movies at Brennan's age, but that was a very difficult time for us, and we never thought of it seriously.

It was fun. I recommend the movie!


Sue said...

wasn't it great! It really reminded me of Jungle Book & just good 'ol Disney. frankly, I'm sick of the high tech animated nonsense.
very cute movie & I thought NO POLITICS!!! nice. no global warming, no recycle this & that-no hints to "oh New Orleans & Katrina in their own sorta way-wasn't the alligator the cutest?
Isn't that the idea w/ siblings? they'll always be exposed to more. kinda like Michael J Fox saying w/ 1st baby when pacifier fell we sterilized it in boiling water. By the 4th baby the dog licked it clean!!

Amy said...

We haven't seen this one yet. Think it will be a Redbox movie for us.

Domanda3 said...

Are there any scary villians in this movie. I really want to take Mena but she is so sensitive to "scary parts"

Cascia said...

I took my daughter to see that movie. She loved it. I liked the music. My daughter sang and danced in the theater during all the songs.

Hyperactive Lu said...

Sounds like so much fun! We have a cheap-o-bo-neap-o theater here but we have yet to take Peanut to one yet! Maybe soon! :) Glad y'all had a fun afternoon!