Friday, January 22, 2010


Doctor said sinus infection.
Bring on the drugs! (ok, "prescriptions").

God knows I am thankful for our health savings. This was our 3rd trip to the doctor this week, 3rd round of prescriptions for a family member.



Crystal said...

hope you feel better quickly and the drugs work good.

Hyperactive Lu said...

I hope you feel better! I was just laughing with Hubbie. This is the 2nd weekend/2 week in a row that we will be hibernating... Peanut had croup and an ear infection. Then Bubbie had a random fever and cough so he's been out of school for two weeks and now I've got the gunk and my glands are all swollen! HA! Now, guess what, Baby woke up with- what it looks like- pink eye... I know you know ALL about that! ;) My kids have never gotten it, so I'm kinda clueless.... Oh and now my husband is complaining of a fever! :) So far we are up to 3 co-pays with AT LEAST two more coming and then I still haven't taken baby and peanut for their well baby visits! :) I'm laughing so I won't cry!!

Bethany said...

Feel better soon! I think spring needs to come soon, too many trips to the doctor for everyone!

Domanda3 said...

Sorry to hear that. How are you feeling now? Did you try a netti pot?

Nell said...

I hope you're feeling better by now. I know this crud is going around a lot.