Friday, February 05, 2010

Do You See the Boat?

It may look like a blanket, but it's not.

It's Brennan's boat, and he's on the Maumee River.

He carefully set up his passengers, brought toys & books for them, and together
we travled on his boat.
We went along the Maumee River, seeing deer, and ducks,
and throwing batarangs at the Joker.
(gotta keep the passengers safe)

I love this about my little boy. 
My boys' imaginations take us places out of the ordinary.

Some days that is just a blanket, but many days, it is a boat.


Amy said...

Love it! What a fun memory for both of you.

Sue said...

aww, he has a great imagination.

Hyperactive Lu said...

So sweet!